Bad News – Your Dog May Not Like Hanging Out At The Office As Much As You Think

Image via the Lad Bible
Image via the Lad Bible

Recently, puppy parents everywhere celebrated #takeyourdogtoworkday, and Twitter was flooded with adorable snaps of doggies having an absolute blast at the office.

Some puppers, however, enjoyed a day of working just as much as 99% of the rest of us – which is to say, not at all – and didn’t even try to hide their “excitement”.

Here are 15 pups who won’t be joining their owners at work again anytime soon:

1. What do you mean I have to get up? Nothing fun happens at 8 a.m.


2. Just five more minutes, please.


3. Nope, sorry, I am not feeling it today.


Written by mark

Front-end Wizard