15 Signs You Need To Break Up With Snapchat

Image via Responster
Image via Responster

In spite of its dubious beginnings as a glorified sexting app, Snapchat has taken a total 180 in the last four years.

Which is to say that these days, for every dick pic sent, there are approximately one million girls snapping selfies of themselves wearing flower crowns, puking rainbows, or donning cat ears.

Because like it or not, Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet.

But while it’s immensely fun to share slowed-down, overly-saturated videos of your friends sporting puppy faces while lounging by the pool, the line between being a Snapchat sensation and an obsessive social media narcissist is very, very thin.

Which is why so many millennials and gen Z-ers need to step away from their phones before this nationwide snap addiction gets seriously out of control.

So, if you’re exhibiting a combination of these 15 signs, consider taking a Snapchat sabbatical for a few days, or deleting the damn app altogether.

1. You spend the first 30 minutes of every day (at minimum) creeping on your friends and catching up on trending stories.

If you’re constantly hitting the snooze button to LOL at your friends’ late-night escapades, you need to reevaluate your priorities. That is, if you want to keep your job. Because when getting “stuck in traffic” becomes a daily occurrence, your boss is going to get sick of your excuses.


2. All your profile pictures were originally shot on Snapchat – with filters.

Yes, we all look hot under that “beautification” filter, with our faces squished in and our cheeks highlighted. But isn’t the point of Snapchat that it’s not forever, for everyone to see?

A few snaps are cute, but setting that golden halo-filtered selfie as your Facebook prof pic is overkill. How is an employer going to take you seriously if they creep on your socials to see you sporting that same damn flower crown again and again?


3. You’ve Googled ways to create more artistic snaps.

We all want to be crafty with our snap stories, but if you’re not promoting a brand (which is completely valid) what exactly do you get out of all those hours spent learning the trade?

Here’s our rule: if you spent more time creating a post than your followers collectively spent watching it, STOP.

Written by Samantha Grasso

Journalist, Austinite