22 Drunk Memes That Were Literally Written About You

We’ve all been drunk. For those of you who haven’t, wow!!! Great job!!! You’re doing amazing sweetie!!! But the rest of us definitely have. And some of the most universal behaviors are the ones exhibited by drunk people. Which is why if you’re the type of guy or gal who has been known to have a drink (or 4) too many, you’ll have no trouble at all recognizing the following:

22. This nice/horrific feeling:

21. This wonderful mood:

20. This aversion to sanctimony:

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19. This canine knowledge:

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18. This social media generosity:

Twitter: @fillwerrell

17. This dichotomy:

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16. This moment of self-flagellation:

15. This incredible peak:

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14. This situation, in which you are familiar with both sides:

13. This hypocritical double standard:

12. This friendship responsibility:

11. This forever ritual:

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10. This noble feat:

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9. This disorderly misconduct:

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8. This moment of clarity:

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7. This strained relationship:

6. This very important secret:

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5. This Snapchat juxtaposition:

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4. This moment of regret:

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3. This slight schadenfreude:

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2. This perfect explanation:

1. This feeling, relevant every year but never more than 2018:

h/t BuzzFeed