30 Pieces of Advice You Should Follow If You Want Your Relationship To Last

When it comes to love, everyone is always looking for ways to make it last. Unfortunately, not all relationships withstand the test of time.
As we get older and experience more heartbreak, we learn a lot about what makes a relationship work and what makes one fail. Thankfully, the kind people of the Internet were willing to share some of their best pieces of relationship advice they have personally learned the hard way–through experience.


Talk to them when you're upset. They can't read your mind. If you hold all your negative thoughts inside it will just make you feel bitter about everything until it stops working.



find someone who you can go on vacation with. It sounds easy, however, if there's someone that you don't want to get rid of at the end of a vacation, you're probably okay with them.



When it comes to fights, have the memory of a goldfish. For the good stuff, the memory of an elephant.

And never “keep score.” You're a team.



You and your partner should also be best friends, straight up opinion but I think a lot of people forget that your SO really should be someone you love spending time with, not someone who is just there to say they're your significant other.



If you're crushing on someone, seriously do not waste your time on someone who doesn't give you the time of day.



Be happy on your own. Don't rely 100 percent on your relationship if you need happiness. There is always a time where you are on your own and you need to pleasure yourself.



Don’t expect them to be perfect. Don’t hold them Up to a super high standard. They won’t meet it. That being said, know your worth.



When you're in a relationship, make sure that you're staying in it for the right reasons. If you're staying for security, convenience, because you're ‘afraid of being alone', or anything of that nature, then just leave.

Don't let yourself be that sad guy who hates his wife but stays with them forever.



Establish, maintain, and respect boundaries. Learn to compromise and apologize. You’re growing together. It’s you two verses the world, not you two verses each other.



Know each other’s “love language” as everyone is different in what ways make them feel loved.



Make sure they have a good mattress and not a taco bed.



Their concerns or complaints might be stupid to you, but to them its important. That thing they are complaining about that you think is silly is not silly to them. Leaving a spoon in the sink may seem trivial to you because you would do all the dishes in the world for that person, but they are interpreting the spoon in the sink as not giving a shit.

Their perspective is their reality. Regardless of whether you think it is stupid and a bad perspective. Do with that information what you will. Either you need to adjust your behavior to be more conforming to their preferences or you need to accept that their preferences are too unreasonable. DONT just say “your feelings are dumb” and think you've won an argument. There are only two solutions to the problem. You fix your behavior to meet their needs or they have to adjust what their needs are. People are unlikely to change their needs.



Decide to invest effort into the relationship and if your partner does not reciprocate, then wait for someone who wants to work with you to create a successful partnership.