30 Pieces of Advice You Should Follow If You Want Your Relationship To Last


Seriously take into consider that the person you are falling in love with is a being who is always changing. Your wave lengths may be in sync with each other now but be watchful for when you’re growing at different speeds. A good partner will never stop growing, and you’ll want to grow together. Someone who is exactly the same on all levels of spiritualality and all other fronts as well, should be approached with caution. We’re meant to never seize up and stand still.



I don’t know if it’s the best advice for everyone 1because we all carry different kinds of baggage. But my husband and I laid out all our cards the first night we met. I told him everything. My wants, my needs, my expectations, my goals, everything. And he did the same. We were both so tired of the “dating game”, that we basically both said, “this is me, this is what I’m looking for, take it or leave it.” We were so honest with each other that we left the date feeling like we’ve known one other forever. We celebrate 5 years together this December.

I guess what you should take away is that honesty is key. Don’t deny who you are or your wants and needs. And don’t deny someone else theirs either. We all need love.



Even if she says she doesn’t want anything, get her a small fry anyway (so she won’t eat yours).



Regularly make an active effort to give a shit about them. Take a moment and think critically about if there’s anything your partner needs or wants. It just takes a few seconds and it will make all the difference in the world.



Do not enter a relationship because you feel required to, or because others want you to. Do it because you want to.



Couple’s therapy doesn’t spell the end of things. It can be the beginning of something amazing and teach you great things about your partner in a safe space.



Admit you’re wrong when you are. When there’s a conflict, stand your ground, but not so much that you’re not open minded to your partners ideas/point of view. Lastly, do not go to bed angry at each other.



Do not rush things. Learn EVERYTHING there is to know about your S.O. before “taking things to the next level”. If you aren’t compatible, it’s better to find out before you live together, marry, or have kids.



Never cheat. Just be a loyal person and have faith. I don’t want to do what others did to my girlfriend in the past. And I know she is loyal to me too.



Before you do something, ask yourself… How will I feel if my SO did this? If you wouldn’t like it, don’t do it.



There isn’t someone out there for everyone. You need to be comfortable with being alone. This means setting goals and achieving them. Even if no one finds you attractive at least you can still be fit, healthy, have a career and be wealthy enough to pursue your hobbies and travel.

If you’re this person, i.e someone no one else finds attractive, then pursue life and your goals for yourself. You can find immense satisfaction alone, outside of a relationship. Eventually someone may find you attractive, but even if no one does you can still live a very full life.