17 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re a Millennial


As a twenty-something in 2016, you probably have more in common with hypothetical aliens than you do with your grandparents’ generation when they were your age.

These days, you can order dinner, a movie, clothes, a dog walker, and a housecleaner all  from an app on your phone, with the expectation of having it delivered within a day, if not a couple of hours.

But on the flip side, the job market sucks, you paid way more for that fancy degree than it’ll earn you ove the next decade, and you’ll probably be living in your parents’ basement until you’re 30.

Yup, that’s millennial life.

And whether you’re one of us, or just love to hate us, you have to admit: there are some things you’ll only understand if you’re a millennial.

Here are 17 things you’ll definitely relate to if you’re a millennial.

1. When your manager’s “gentle reminder” to put phones away is aimed directly at you  – regardless of whether you have your phone out.

Never mind that the 50-year-old man sitting across the table from you is the one who’s always openly tapping on his iPhone for minutes on end.


2. When the same parents who threatened to cut you off if you didn’t go to college criticize you for not studying “something practical”.

We both know that 1) you’d have been pissed if I’d gone to trade school, and 2) I’d be making way, way more money if I had.


3. When you go into a furniture store or a car dealership with the sole intent of making a purchase and sales people either completely ignore you because they think you won’t buy anything…

…or they hound you from the second you walk in, snootily asking, “How will you be paying?” while looking over your shoulder for your parents because they obviously will be cosigning, won’t they?

It’s that much worse because – despite you earning $70,000 a year and being self-sufficient – they’re kind of right.

Written by Samantha Grasso

Journalist, Austinite