83-Year-Old Husband Takes Makeup Lessons To Help His Blind Wife Feel Her Best

For many women, the saying “look good, feel good,” reigns extremely true. When we look our best, we feel our best.
But, when we’re eventually unable to apply our own makeup or do our own hair–what are we to do when we want to “look our best?” One husband has come up with the perfect response. 83-year-old Des Manahan has been married to his wife Mona for 56 years. Recently, Mona has begun losing her eyesight. As someone who enjoys applying makeup, Mona was devastated when her shaky hands prevented her from applying it.

The couple was invited to a party and Mona wanted to make sure her makeup was done, so, Mona and Des drove to Debenhams, a department store in Ireland, to have her makeup done. Rosie O’Driscoll was working the makeup counter at the store and happened to take care of doing Mona’s makeup.

According to O’Driscoll, Des was very particular about Mona’s makeup application, as his wife’s eyesight was not what it once was. Eventually, Des wanted to know exactly how O’Driscoll was applying the makeup and, she began giving him lessons. O’Driscoll taught Des how to apply Mona’s lipstick, blush, and even eyeliner.

He got lesson after lesson after lesson, and loved every minute of it.

The couple’s story got picked up by several networks and media outlets, including BBC News, The TODAY Show, and The Late Late Show.

Eventually, makeup artist Mario Dedicanovic–who works with Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez–heard their story and invited them to attend his “Master Class” in London.

It just goes to show you that true love does really exist.