9 Of The All-Time Hottest And Most Legendary Hot Tub Movie Scenes

Sexy movie pool scenes are a dime a dozen; I can name two hands' worth off the top of my head, and I'd bet at least one or two would classify as a sexual awakening moment for each of you. (Don't believe? Swimfan. The Girl Next Door. Boogie Nights. Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Laurel Canyon. Cruel Intentions. Summer Catch. Something's Got To Give. Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet.)

But sexy hot tub scenes? Those are harder to come by for some reason. Here are nine of the most legendary ones:

9. Halloween II

Danger is a crucial component to any pool or hot tub scene in a horror film. So when Haddonfield Memorial Hospital’s resident nurse (played by the devastatingly sultry Pamela Susan Shoop) and EMT (Leo Rossi, but in uniform!) treat the hydrotherapy pool as their own hot-tub-sexual-playground, you just know blood and gore will soon taint the waters. Oh, that Michael Myers…

8. Ninja III: The Domination

You'd think a martial arts horror film about a telephone line worker (who teaches aerobics classes on the side) being possessed by an evil ninja seeking revenge on his murderers would be a perfect movie in itself (it is.) But throw in the triple hot tub makeout/homicide sesh, and you've really got yourself a real party.

7. Back To School

If Rodney Dangerfield in a hot tub surrounded by hot chicks in '80s bikinis with giant '80s bangs doesn't seal the deal for you, then surely the brilliantly scripted, suggestive dialogue must!

Example 1: “Hey, what’s a bath without bubbles? Hey Bubbles, come over here, will ya?” — Melon

Example 2: “What's your favorite subject” — Melon

“Poetry” — Hot Chick

“Really? Well maybe you can help me straighten out my Longfellow” — Melon

6. Eurotrip

Cooper doesn't get it on with Candy because all her bro friends walk in, but the 10-ish seconds leading up to that are…intense. So intense that Molly Schade will forever be immortalized in the proverbial halls of PornHub.

5. Madman

You've probably never seen this 1981 summer camp slasher, which got a 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (an 83% on Google, though! A discrepancy for movies I find to be consistent. Has anyone ever looked into this?). Only, like, 7 people have seen it and they're all dead now (just kidding). But that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch it, if only to enjoy Gaylen Ross (you may remember her from Dawn of the Dead) and Tony Fish steam up an already steamy hot tub. It's truly legendary.

4. Hot Tub Time Machine

We'd be remiss not to include this 2010 classic to the list, and not only because its title includes the words “hot tub.” No, the stunning Jessica Paré (of Madmen fame) makes an appearance, as do two of her friends (ahem), and for that, crappy 2010 comedy film, we thank you.

3. Ski School

Every adolescent slapstick comedy that includes skiing in any way (especially one from 1991) is required to have a sexy chick hot tub scene, and Ski School is no exception!

2. Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery

Even the obnoxious Austin Powers cannot take away from the prowess and sexual energy of a nude Alotta Fagina (Argentinian beauty Fabiana Udenio).

1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

It wouldn't be a “movie hot tub list” without the very necessary inclusion of '80s Mia Sara. Is there really anything else to say?


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