Ariana Grande Apparently Tweeted The Size Of Pete Davidson’s D**k To Fans

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have only been engaged for a hot minute, but their PDA all over social media is enough to make anyone uncomfortable.
The two are in an absolute “post-engagement” la-la land where they are the only two people in the world to exist. From the moment they announced their relationship and made it “Instagram official,” it’s been a pretty rough go for social media users.

From when Ariana Grande confirmed they were dating…

i thought u into my life ? woah ! look at my mind ?⚡️?

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To when Pete Davidson confirmed the two were engaged…

u know what you’d dream it be like ? it’s better than that

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They apparently can’t keep their love and affection off of social media and to themselves–even though they do live together, and apparently spend a sh*t ton of time with each other. Just look at their comment sections on their Instagram pages…

The two seem more like high school kids who just entered their first relationship than they do adults who are engaged. And yes, that sounds pretty judgmental but, I’m a firm believer that your relationship should be more “offline” than “online.” To me, it seems as though they’re just trying to prove something to their exes, both of which were pretty shocked to see their SO’s move on so damn fast. Both Grande and Davidson ended their previous relationships a little over a month go–so, talk about a rush. So much so, that Grande felt the need to make Davidson a staple on her new album that fans have been highly anticipating.

Grande shared a sneak-peak at one of her songs from her new album, “Sweetener,” on her Instagram page and fans were loving it.

three days til sweetener preorder ♡ ?

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People were curious to know which song she decided to share with fans.

After fans found out that Grande included her new man on the album–some were a bit shocked.

But, others were interested in just what the song was about.

But, Grande shared some major TMI–playing off this fan’s question.

And–someone had a serious question about that…

No idea if Grande is telling the truth or not–either way, seems like she’s being playful with fans. But, all in all, I’d probably keep that part of my relationship off of social media. But, hey, if I was a millionaire, I’d do whatever the f**k I want, too.