Ariana Grande’s New Song Is Literally Every Girls New Breakup Anthem

Over the weekend, Ariana Grande dropped her first single since her album Sweetener and her split from ex-fiancé Pete Davidson. The two have not quite spoken about the breakup to the media–except Davidson’s poorly timed jokes on Saturday Night Live. Grande, who caught wind of him mocking their split, called him out on social media for “trying to stay relevant.”

Additionally, she tweeted “thank u, next,” after her subtweet to Davidson, which fans took as a petty clap-back.

However, it happens to be the title of her new single–which discusses her breakup with Davidson, and several other of her exes, including the late rapper Mac Miller. In the pettiest move of the year, Grande dropped the single 30 minutes before SNL went live on air–showing up her ex and his comedy career. If you look at how many fans stan Ariana Grande and wait anxiously for her new music compared to how many Pete Davidson fans sit around waiting for SNL–the numbers don’t lie. Grande clearly made a power move.

Grande’s new song touches on multiple exes–not just Davidson and Mac Miller. In fact, the entire first verse calls out men she thought she’d end up with but didn’t.

Fans immediately began to freak out and praise Grande for being so transparent in a song for them. Many were also touched that she posed such a sweet shout out to her ex, Mac Miller (Malcolm), who died of a drug overdose this year.

Davidson, while not mentioning the song, did mention the breakup on SNL on Saturday. The comedian simply said:

“It’s nobody’s business and sometimes things just don’t work out. And that’s okay.”

She’s a wonderful, strong person and I genuinely wish her all of the happiness in the world.

Now, please go vote on Tuesday, all right?”


While Davidson is finally acting somewhat mature, we know Grande is bringing in the $$$ with this breakup, her new single, and a brand new attitude.