The Emotional First Trailer For Avengers 4 Just Dropped, And It’s Making Folks Cry

My mom was genuinely shocked and horrified when Thanos appeared to kill Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity War. My dad was disturbed by the film’s subsequent bleak ending. It was a movie cliffhanger to rival Empire Strikes Back, and now the concluding chapter—10 years of movies later—is in sight with the release of Avengers 4‘s trailer Friday morning.

By the way, it’s called Avengers: Endgame, like the Taylor Swift song, and directors the Russo brothers tweeted the trailer at 6:59am CT. I’ll get out of the way here and we can watch it together.

Wow, Hawkeye’s back—and his disapproving scowl seems stern AF.

Iron Man’s floating off into space. Captain America is a measured statesman as always. Thor looks like he’s in the locker room, losing at halftime. And look, it’s already an Ariana Grande meme:

The film hits theaters May 3.

This article first appeared on The Daily Dot.