Why Not Be A Sexy Bottle Of Fireball For Halloween?

There are two types of people on Halloween (I, too, abhor when a sentence kicks off like this but this is one of the rare cases it’s actually true!): those who spend weeks and even months ideating and preparing their killer Halloween costumes, and those of us who frantically run to Goodwill and Amazon in the days prior, defeated when we end up donning a cat-ear headband or hockey face mask.

Which brings me to my hypothetical question/not-so-subtle suggestion: Why not be a sexy bottle of Fireball for Halloween? The benefits are many, the drawbacks few none.


The price is right, a mere $39.99 (and free shipping with Prime!) and you’ve got yourself a killer piece of nostalgia if you’re out of college, and a painfully relevant ensemble if you aren’t. Either way, the irony of the costume is delicious, unless you genuinely enjoy Fireball, in which case it’s just delicious. It’s a win/win, people!

Particularly if you have a partner willing to do the damn thing with you. Yes, there’s a male version, a foam bottle-shaped tunic going (bafflingly) by the style name ‘Get Real,’ though it is $10 more and does not qualify for free shipping. If you’re smart you’ll buy the set for $89.99, saving you just enough for a few shots of the drink you love this dang much:


Now get out there, you spicy couple you!