This Boyfriend’s Text To End An Argument With His Girlfriend Almost Made Me Spit Out My Coffee

In modern relationships, approaches to conflict can be complicated. While one partner may be more confrontational, the other might be more passive. Or, in some cases, they might be in favor of the total and complete absurdist approach.

Recently, Twitter user @XOashh_ commiserated with the timeline about her boyfriend’s recent reaction to a text argument. Apparently, @XOashh_  practically wrote out a novel in her texts to her man, sending entire paragraphs at a time — however, bae decided to completely circumvent an argument by ignoring her texts and changing the subject entirely.

Seriously, I almost snorted coffee out of my nose when I read this. I have never seen a more lame or hilarious attempt to save one’s own ass. Why did his mind go to big towels? Is he just wandering around JCPenney, having a text argument with his girlfriend? Are mid-range department stores just constantly on his mind?

Twitter was pretty delighted by this dude’s, um, ingenuity.

Of course, the most important question on everyone’s mind was: is JC Penney having a sale on “big towels” or not?? People’s linen closets need to know!

Sadly, one JCPenney associate confirmed that there were not, in fact, $2 “big towels” for sale.

So, not only does this guy cut his girlfriend off mid-argument, but he straight-up LIED about a potentially amazing linens sale.

I don’t know, seems pretty unforgivable.