Women Describe The ‘Romantic’ Things Men Do That Are Creepy AF

Some guys don’t take hints very well. When we say no, they don’t like taking rejection. Some guys think coming on too strong is sweet or romantic, but most women just find it annoying and creepy. Sometimes, it’s better to listen to the major hints we drop like ignoring texts or DM’s, instead of sliding in two more times. Women online revealed all the “romantic” gestures guys think they do that they actually find super creepy and to be huge turn-offs, and maybe guys reading this will learn a thing or two.


Going through a girls entire FB or instagram and liking all of her pictures when she adds you. Super creepy.

I had a guy that went through and found every picture of me in a bathing suit and liked those. I think the most recent was five years old, and none were from them same album. I blocked him.


Constantly bitching on the internets how you are forever alone.


Trying to talk to a woman from a car in an urban/dark/dimly lit area.

Be aware of surroundings before complimenting/flirting/asking for her number. We generally are aware of our surroundings, as for some of us, safety is in the forefront of our minds.


Covertly following me and at some point revealing that you have. I had one guy do that who expected praise over it, over how smart he was. It’s one of the dumbest moves I’ve ever even heard of.


Being way too eager, especially early on.
Once met a guy at a party, the next day I heard from several of my friends that he messaged them on Facebook to get personal information about me from them (including where I live, work etc.).
I also once had a guy from my university (I met him in one of my classes but we never really talked) send me a romance poem. Not creepy but definitely weird.