Women Describe The ‘Romantic’ Things Men Do That Are Creepy AF


Over the top marriage proposals. The more intimate the better.


Balloons, it’s “Hey I love you, take a sack of my breath”


Unsolicited back rubs.


I’m going to say this depends a bit on the person and what you’re looking for in a relationship. Personally, I’ve never wanted something casual (not that I fault those who do) and I am a clingy person in general. I’ve emotional baggage I could go into, but whatever, it’s just who I am. I get that it’s not for everybody, but I would want someone who messages me often every day, even if it’s just “look at this silly cat lov u” or whatever.

There is however a difference between clingy and desperate, I think. The difference is expecting an immediate response––I like it when someone texts me a bunch and I do the same, but if I text something and an hour or two goes by, I won’t feel slighted or anything (although depending, I might feel a little worried). I’d want the same to be true for my partner.


Being overly attentive. Attention is nice, but there’s a line. When we’ve first started dating, texting me every few hours comes across as clingy and desperate.