13 Super Cringey Times People Objected At A Wedding

8. This accident:

I accidentally objected to a wedding. It was my first time taking the train and I walked into the wrong station. It was a wedding venue. I was trying to find my track. I was randomly opening doors. I opened the doors at the perfect time, as they were asking if anyone objects? It’s was quiet and awkward and loud.


9. This savage grandmother:

My grandmother is known for making trouble. She REALLY liked my uncle’s former wife. They flew my grandmother out to the wedding and sat her right at the front, next to the bride’s mother. The priest asks if the parents of the bride and groom approve and bless the marriage. My grandmother straight up says “No.”


10. This rando:

Once I was at a backyard wedding and a random guy rode by on his bike yelling, “Don’t do it!”


11. This groom who changed his mind:

I went to a wedding once where the groom decided mid-ceremony he didn’t want to get married.


12. This aunt who had to reveal her secret:

Right before the wedding, my aunt pulled me aside for a quick walkabout (in my dress and everything!) to let me know she thought I was making a huge mistake and she just couldn’t watch it happen without telling me.


13. And, last but not least, this bride who got revenge on her groom in the best way.