Girl Logs Into Twitter Only To Find Out Her Dad Is Trending For The Most Outrageous Reason

Whenever we see something trending on Twitter with a ton of reactions, we always want to check it out and see what’s up.
We don’t, however, expect to see our father going viral on Twitter and becoming a brand new meme. One teen from Queens, New York experienced probably the weirdest feeling of her life when she logged in and saw her father, Dennis, trending on a girl’s tweet for “photobombing” her selfie–in a pretty inappropriate way.

Twitter user @tooshortforwhat shared this photo of herself walking around Manhattan taking a selfie, realizing a man in the background of her selfie was checking out her chest. She wrote: “Wowwwewww.”


Tons of people left comments on the post, retweeted it, and liked it. But, the original poster didn’t think she would hear from Alex, who tweeted simply:

Alex shared some “fun facts” about her dad–letting the world know he’s blind in one eye and this could have just been a terrible moment in which it “looks worse than it is.” She also said her dad knows about going viral, but her mom doesn’t–so don’t tell her.

She was kind enough to share a photo of her father and reiterated that she loves him very much.


The original poster replied to Alex asking if it was really her father, to which, Alex sincerely apologized. However, there was no harm done.

But, Twitter couldn’t wait to get in with the jokes.