Dating After Heartbreak

You've probably heard this saying before “the best way to get over someone is to take 1 one-night-stand every week as needed until the pain is gone.” Maybe not exactly like that, but you've been there and done way too much of that, and frankly it's like putting a bandaid on a broken leg.

“It's so easy,” they'll say, like swiping right on Tinder to engage in a digital getdown doesn't feel like what baby boomers used to call ‘cyber sex.' So, you give it some time, pour wine and ice cream over your wounds, and finally decide you're ready to fire up a dating app. Preferably one that won't send you a bevy of serial app-daters “looking for a hookup.”

One where people are looking for mutually respectful relationships, whatever length works out best. One where people are accountable through mutual friends, and won’t dupe you because they know word will get back. One where ghosting and zombie'ing are for little monsters, not smart, savvy individuals who have no interest in wasting their own time or anyone else’s. And one where the members know that people that have been heart-broken need to be straight-forward and caring in their communication. That app is the Inner Circle.

Take Rob Ward, a London-based recruitment specialist who met his fiance and mother to his baby son-to-be on The Inner Circle more than a year ago: ‘After a terrible break-up, I genuinely didn’t know where to start again. A friend recommended the Inner Circle on the basis that people were so straight-forward and respectful and I thought, what the hell. Before I met Rachel, I went on a number of great dates with other people. Even though we obviously weren’t compatible, I never felt as though I’d wasted my evening because everyone I met on the app was successful, smart, warm and emotionally sound. The Inner Circle gave me my dating confidence back.’

So if you’re wondering how to get back on the proverbial dating horse, the Inner Circle could give you the leg up.

Swap a Summer of Self-doubt for a Summer of Love. Sign up with the Inner Circle today.