22 Dogs Who Simply Do Not Care About Your Silly Human Rules

Guys, dogs are the best. Everyone agrees – even cat people think so. I mean, they still like cats better, but they also agree that dogs are actually better. You feel me?

They're unfailingly loyal, they love us to bits, they're soft and cuddly, and do I really need to go on? But perhaps the best thing about dogs – and I'm absolutely anthropomorphizing here – is how they are totally themselves. There's no self-consciousness, not one whit of unfulfilled desire. They want it, they go for it. Honestly, people can learn a lot from dogs.

Here's a lesson:

22. On mouthiness:

21. On not feelingly it today:

20. On personal space:

19. On betrayal:

18. On sharing:

17. On poles:

16. On total silliness:

15. On making faces:

14. On making yourself comfortable:

13. On being locked up:

12. On lazing: