26 Dungeons And Dragons Tumblr Posts That’ll Absolutely Slay You

I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons, but honestly I’ve always wanted to. It seems like it’s so much fun, and who would want to be involved in some of these crazy antics (even if they are totally imaginary).

Probably no one. That’s my guess. Even people who are like, totally too cool for school – if they were coerced into being a little geeky, they’d have a good time.

So I guess my point, dear reader, is PLEASE INVITE ME INTO YOUR GROUp. K, theeenks.

25. On being human:

24. On how to get better:

23. On dating advice:

22. On stats:

21. On ancient nerds:

20. On DAD:

19. On Monty Python:

18. On interrogation:

17. On the legend of Sir Bearington:

16. On being the weakest link:

15. On perception:

14. On spellcasting: