17 Food Facts That Are The Reason You Have Trust Issues

1. Twinkies Definitely Do Not Last Forever

The average shelf-life is a mere 45 days.

2. Baby Carrots Are Just Regular Carrots Shaved Down

Nothing adorable about them.

3. Double Dipping Doesn’t Spread More Germs Than Just Single Dipping

That being said, don’t come crying if you get scolded.

4. Girl Scouts Cookies Come From Two Different Bakeries

Flickr: dalboz17

The cookies are not one in the same and occasionally have different names, such as “Samoas v Caramel Delights”

5. Your Subway Foot-Long Usually Isn’t A Full Foot

Matt Corby / Facebook

Bring a measuring tape each time to become the most popular customer.

6. All Fruit Loops Taste The Same, Regardless Of Color

Your brain is just lying to you.

7. The German Chocolate Cake Isn’t Even From Germany

The inventor of the cake’s last name is “German.” Hey, still good.

8. The ‘Discontinued’ Oreo O’s Cereal Is Still In South Korea

Hopefully a reunited Korea means these babies will come back to the global market.

9. Those Double Stuffed Oreos Are Only 1.86x Stuffed

Be a smart consumer.

10. A Lot Of Ripe Oranges Aren’t Even Orange

Flickr: martinlabar

Oranges in very hot climates never cool enough to dispel the chlorophyll in them, so they stay yellowy-green. For appearances, these “oranges” are subjected to ethylene gas to make them orange.

11. The Five Second Rule Is Complete Bull / Via

Those germs got on there.

12. Peanuts Aren’t Nuts

Flickr: nebedaay / Creative Commons / Via

They’re actually legumes. Who knew!

13.Your Cup O’ Soup Is Rarely The Full Cup


You’ve been jipped.

14. A Serving Size Of Doritos Is Only 11 Heckin’ Chips

That’s not even the full bag.

15. Grapenuts Are Neither Grape Nor Nut-Based

Ingredients: whole grain wheat flour, malted barley flour, isolated soy protein, salt, whole grain barley flour, malt extract, dried yeast.

16. Cap’N Crunch Is No Captain At All / Via

The lines on his sleeve make him a “Commander.” Hopefully he is dishonorably discharged.

17. Carrots Do Nothing To Improve Your Eyesight


Your mom lied.

h/t: Buzzfeed