20 Hidden Signs You’ve Fallen Out Of Love With Your SO

Being in a relationship with someone is extremely special. We all want to find a partner that we can spend the rest of our lives with. However,  not all relationships are meant to last “forever.”
Sometimes, without trying to, we fall out of love with our SO. It happens slowly and unknowingly, but eventually, you have a moment of epiphany and realize that the person you are with is no longer the person you want to be with. It can be confusing to differentiate when you’ve fallen out of love with your partner, and when you’re just annoyed with them after a fight. So, Reddit users kindly shared knowledge based on their own experiences to know how it really feels.


You are more concerned about keeping them from being mad than making them happy.



When you find yourself looking for excuses to not be around them.



When they do anything, it causes you irritation. My dad hates my mom, if she cooks something, he will let his hate make him not eat it.



When youre not mad anymore, or sad, or afraid, or anything. When you’re just…. Tired. Then you’re done.



When you put your hand on the doorknob (to wherever they are) you have to brace yourself emotionally.



When you not only no longer feel lust or excitement but also don’t feel anger or other passionate feelings. Annoyance is kinda on the fence to me, if that’s all you’re feeling then it’s not a good sign but if you still care and feel annoyed then you might just need some time to yourself.



For me, love is when you willingly make sacrifices for the person you love because their happiness matters to you (within reason, of course). So I’d say you know you don’t love someone anymore when you’re not willing to make those sacrifices for their happiness.



When I found myself sitting on a park bench every day for ten minutes to gather energy before going home.



When most of the reasons that make you stay with your partner are mostly based his/her wellbeing.

It’s incredible to see people staying in relationship because “the other one needs me”. Not only you are not doing any favors to your S/O by feeding this toxic dependance. You also block yourself from having a meaningful and intimate relationship.



When you no longer choose to see past their (non-dealbreaker) flaws.