35 Kids Who Most Likely Won’t Be Serial Killers Someday, But Let’s Keep An Eye On Them Just In Case

Let’s be honest here, kids are creepy.
Sure, sometimes they’re cute and funny, but that’s just a byproduct of being tiny and dumb. When a kid is creepy, it comes from a very mysterious place. They have no idea they’re doing it. No one taught them it. That’s what makes it so terrifying. Also, all of the scariest horror movies have a creepy kid. What’s scarier? Being chased through the woods by a chainsaw wielding manic, or drifting off to sleep in the comfort of your own home and you hear a little girl’s voice say “come play with me” from the foot of the bed? Yeah that’s what I thought. These kids below are tuned into whatever that is.

35. Just drinking out a scary doll head NBD.

lainaab_ / Via Instagram: @lainaab_

34. Straight to the point.


33. She’s doing a test run before summoning the actual devil.

Twitter: @lookatthat_guy

32. The logic of a psychopath.


31. Someone either needs to have “the talk” or got the way wrong talk.

gagabacon / Via Instagram: @gagabacon

30. This kid is in jail now.


29. Oh cool Disney bought the Saw franchise.

crystalkewl / Via Instagram: @crystalkewl

28. Everyone who reads this dies 3 days later.


27. Bury this deep and salt the ground.

shanstu / Via

26. I mean, he’s not wrong.