Kanye West And Burger King Are Beefing On Twitter And It’s Hella Juicy

In a strange and confusing turn of events, Kanye West is out here on Twitter causing problems. While that, in itself, is not surprising–Kanye West has been proven to be completely controversial this year–it’s who he’s beefing with that is making everyone go…”wut?”

It all started when Kanye West declared on Sunday that McDonald’s is his favorite restaurant. Now, I’m not one to judge, but I love McDonald’s myself. So much so, that my boyfriend’s family got me a gift card to fast food establishment as a gag gift on Christmas (don’t mess with my Egg McMuffins). But, with the kind of money Kanye West has, I’d think he would have some other favorite restaurant–like if I could afford to eat at Peter Lugers every night, I damn well would.

People on Twitter began to call West out for supporting McDonald’s, seeing as President Donald Trump has been outspoken about loving the chain fast food place, too. After West rode the Donald Trump train for months on end, he had announced he was “no longer participating in politics,” saying he was used as a pawn by the GOP. But, that didn’t stop Twitter from calling the rapper out for taking the same path as Trump.

While random people on Twitter trolling West is entertaining within itself, nothing was better (in my opinion) than when Burger King decided to get in on the conversation.

Not only did Burger King call West out publicly, but they made a pretty bold pun that nobody saw coming.

People online were floored.

Honestly, I know I didn’t ask for the Burger King v. Kanye West beef, but oh I am so grateful for it.