Kim Kardashian Challenges Instagram’s Nudity Policy With A Hint Of Nipple

Kim Kardashian‘s advertising strategy for her new fragrance has been decidedly nudity-forward, but her latest post challenges Instagram’s no-nipple policy.

An Instagram the reality star put up Tuesday afternoon has managed to stay up for nearly a full day despite the fact that a whisper of areola is clearly visible near her left elbow. It’s certainly not the first full-body nude from Kardashian in recent history. The perfume bottles for this new line are literally designed off of a clay mold of the reality star’s naked torso, so at this point even seeing full nipple from the Selfie author would be yawn-worthy for her fandom. But it is interesting that the usually anti-nipple social platform has let the post stay up for as long as it has, all things considered:

KKW BODY is now restocked on KKWFRAGRANCE.COM and also FREE US SHIPPING & 10% off all international all week thru Monday on all @kkwfragrance

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Freeing the nipple on Instagram has long been a mission of fashion photographers, new moms, and people tired of having to edit flower emojis over pics of their toddlers running through the sprinkler. So Kardashian’s extremely public photo, which no doubt has been flagged hundreds of times over by many a nipple-hater, might hint at a slight policy evolution from the social giant.

Seeing the edge of someone’s areola when they’ve consented to it and like the way they look: not the end of the world.

This article was originally published by Christine Friar on The Daily Dot.