A Student Added Kim Kardashian To His Resume And Got Three Job Interviews Out Of It

When it comes to applying for jobs, it can become a job in itself to fill out all of the required paperwork and forms. While many believe submitting your resume is enough, many companies require cover letters, sample work, and references. Additionally, it's important to make your resume unique and interesting so it stands out from the dozens of other submissions.

One way to get your name remembered and resume glossed over once more is including big names that you've worked with in the past, or are associated with—like, apparently, Kim Kardashian. One graduate student Chris Sumlin shared a snippet of his resume on Twitter in which he disclosed some of his impressive work history, like working with companies such as BET and FOX. But, he also decided to include a very monumental exchange he had with the reality TV star, Kim Kardashian.

Not only did he get creative with his details, but Sumlin also said he got three calls back for interviews from three different companies.

Kim Kardashian, being the Twitter starlet she is, automatically decided to respond to Sumlin and wish him luck on the job hunt.

And, in response, Sumlin added the congratulations to his resume, too.

People on Twitter were pretty supportive of Sumlin, not because Kim Kardashian responded to him on Twitter twice, but because his resume is pretty damn impressive. If you look at it in detail, the student has had numerous internship positions with well-known, reputable companies and TV shows. Obviously, this landed him his interviews and not the Kim Kardashian comment.

I'm going to have to agree. As a media studies/journalism student in college, I would have killed for some of the internship opportunities Chris has had in his career. Congrats, Chris, good luck on the job hunt!