Kim Kardashian Returned To The White House To Work On Prison Reform And People Are Disgusted

Kim Kardashian usually makes headlines when she posts inappropriate photos online or a new episode of her family's reality TV show is set to air. This time around, the mother-of-three is making headlines for a completely different reason.
Many know that Kardashian stays pretty well read and up-to-date no politics and current events–despite being a social media and reality TV starlet. She has been outspoken about gun control, the importance of voting, and women's rights. Recently, she has taken on a new stance on prison reform after hearing about stories of inmates who were wrongfully sentenced to life without parole. It started with Alice Marie Johnson, who spent 21 years in prison for a first time drug offense.

After meeting with Donald Trump, he petitioned to release Johnson. Now, Kardashian is back at the White House to help free another inmate, Chris Young.

According to reports, Young was charged and convicted of a nonviolent drug offense for possession of cocaine and weed. Due to his prior convictions, he received a life sentence. However, Kardashian believes that a nonviolent drug charge does not deserve a life sentence, and is fighting to get Young released. He has so far been in jail for 10 years.

Kardashian appeared on the Wrongful Conviction podcast, which aired on Wednesday, and discussed her decision to stand by Young–and countless others.

Check out the interview I did with @itsjasonflom and follow him to learn more about our fight for criminal justice reform. I'm super committed to getting people out of prison who don't belong there, and Jason is too! Listen to @wrongfulconviction for free on @applepodcasts : #itsjasonflom #jasonflom #wrongfulconviction

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Kardashian spoke out about the wrongful sentencing of drug charges, and how maximum security prisons are terrifying, especially for those who are “clean and have perfect records.” She also followed the podcast's publication with photos from her White House meeting with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

While Kim's actions seem admirable and come from a place of sincerity, people online are not happy to see a Kardashian in the White House, speaking on policies and reform. In fact, many are outraged to know that Trump would allow a Kardashian to become involved in politics like this.