This Little Girl Running From a Peacock Turned into an Epic Photoshop Battle

Face it – when you put something online, you never really know how the Internet is going to react. Your Youtube video could go viral, or a single tweet could lose you half your followers (or even your job).

Or, your well-timed camera phone snap could end up shared all around the globe – though next time you see it, it might look a little… different.

Because when boredom, image editing software, and funny pics come together, epic Photoshop battles ensue.

We’ve seen everything from “Perplexed Bill Nye” to a back-and-forth battle between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. But the r/PhotoshopBattles‘s latest target was this scared little girl running away from a surprisingly frightening – and aggressive – peacock.

And my, did the redditors ‘shop her well.

Here are 18 of our favorite “Girl vs. Peacock” masterpieces.

Homegirl may have nope’d the fug out of there, but the internet screamed “hell yeah!” in response.

1. My, how the tables have turned.

2. The sequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, coming to a theatre near you.


3. Indiana Jones makes running for your life look easy. In reality, it’s probably more like this.

Written by Samantha Grasso

Journalist, Austinite