23 Men Confess The Things They Wish Women Knew About Their Bodies

In relationships, so often we hear women complaining about things they wish men knew about them and their wants/needs.

It’s rare that we hear from the men in relationships on what they wish women knew about them. But, thanks to Reddit user u/FireSpiderGuy, we now know all the interesting and important things guys wish women knew about their bodies. As it turns out, women aren’t the only ones who feel “misunderstood” in relationships.

23. Men need compliments, too.

That we can feel insecure about our bodies too and like a good compliment once in a while


22. Everyone farts.

90 percent of the time, I’m actively holding back a fart. When you hear one, it slipped past my defenses. Stop blaming me for farting on purpose. If I was going to fart on purpose, you’d know.


21. They also enjoy backscratches.

You scratching my back will help when I’m cranky.


20. When they say they don’t want to cuddle, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you.

Maybe I speak only for myself, but I can’t can’t have too much physical contact while I’m trying to sleep. I overheat very quickly. Spooning is nice for a bit, but once we’re sleepy butt-to-butt is the easiest way for me to not sweat to death.


19. You’re not going to hurt him.

I can’t even feel that “massage” you are giving me. Go harder.


18. Hug them dammit.

That I want to be hugged every once in a while.


17. It’s nothing personal.

My lack/loss of an erection almost certainly has nothing to do with you, especially if we haven’t slept together before.


16. They’re not always “in the mood.”

Sometimes we are not in the mood either. One ex got butthurt coz she was horny in the middle of the night and I wasn’t. I was asleep and I woke up to her humping my thighs. She was rubbing her genitalia on my thighs so hard it was hurting like hell. She had just shaved a day or two before and it was like being stabbed with a thousand needles. She expected me to fuck her brains out. Not happening.


15. Things take…time.

I’m a grower not a shower.


14. Mental health and physical health go hand-in-hand.

That often my sex drive / horniness is connected to how attractive I feel.

If I’ve been sick, eating like shit, or haven’t hit the gym in a week? Yeah I’m down for sex but it won’t be the most enthusiastic thing you’ve ever seen, might even take longer to get things going.

If I’m feeling accomplished, productive, fit, or just got a bonus/promotion at work? You better fuckin believe you’re gonna get 100% man in the bedroom next time.


13. The family jewels are sensitive.

When I ask you to play with my balls I don’t mean for you to use my balls as a stress reliever. In fact… just play with the skin and leave the balls out of the equation entirely. The threshold is a very thin line that is very easily crossed.