Men Are Sharing The Best Compliment They’ve Ever Gotten And It’s So Pure I Could Cry

We need more good vibes in the world. The simplest way to do that is…more compliments! When’s the last time you got a compliment? When’s the last time you paid one? If you can’t remember, then you don’t have enough compliments in your life.

Redditor u/MostarRed asked the Men Of Reddit, “What is that one compliment you got that you’ll never forget?” and the answers were SO WHOLESOME (most of them…) it pulls at the heartstrings.


“You’re really funny. You should talk to people more.” I have social anxiety and that was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me imo.”



“I was shopping for clothes with my wife and kid about a year ago, and I went to pay while they’d wait outside. As I approached the cashier, she put down whatever she was doing and turned to greet me, and that’s when she made a genuinely confused/embarrassed face.

She noticed that she confused me with that reaction and apologized completely saying that she was a bit blown away when she saw my face – she wasn’t expecting to see someone so good-looking and it startled her I guess.

It was a nice ego boost at the time since she was quite attractive actually, and I was probably at my fattest, but I guess I had a good beard and hair day lol.”




“Delivered a pizza to 2 drunk chicks, as i was walking away they yelled that i should turn the AC on in my car. I turned around just as one yelled “CAUSE YOU’RE LOOKIN PRETTY HOT” as she slammed the door. That was a good day.”



“I dated this girl for a few months about a year and a half ago. Everything was going well but then she just ghosted me and I didn’t hear from her for 8 months. I didn’t think much of it but then she got into contact with me and explained that she had went back to her home country because there was an emergency with her family.

We reconciled but I had just started dating another girl and told her I didn’t want to get back together with her because of that. Anyway, about a week later, I heard from a mutual friend that had been out with her that if she said ‘If I had known I would have never let him go. No other guy has treated me anywhere near as good as he did.'”



When I worked at Chipotle back when they had long lines, a lady in her 40’s got her food, ate, then got back in line. She got to the front, I wait to take her order and she just says “I wanted to tell you that you are going to make a great father one day.” I was a little confused but said thanks and then she left. Still a bit confused where that came from, but a compliments a compliment. Still feels good.



“I feel safe when I am with you”



“i been walking the same route for over a year for exercise trying to lose weight. i had lost about 120 pounds by this time when i heard a womans voice i did not know call out to me from her back yard. “im proud of you, you have lsot a lot of weight” i havent seen her since but to me that helped me stay motivated hearing that.”



“Some little girl in a cart, in a grocery store, once said ‘he’s pretty,’ about me, to her mother. I could hear her mother telling her ‘thats not what we say to boys.’ I didnt bother to say anything, but I wouldve told her that its ok to call anyone pretty.”



“Some years back, when kiddo was an infant, I was grocery shopping with kiddo in the cart. I noticed a cute woman in the veggie section as I was getting stuff. A couple minutes later I helped an older woman who was in a motorized wheelchair. I was in no rush that day, so I went with her and got stuff from shelves.

There were folks who had helped my grandmother with stuff like that, so I was trying to pay it forward. Also kiddo was really charmed by her, so they flirted and it was really cute. I get her to the front, then go back to my shopping. A minute after that, I’m grabbing a couple frozen things and the cute woman comes up.

She says something along the lines of “I see your ring, and I swear I’m not trying to hit on you, but you’re very cute, and then I saw you being nice to that lady, and playing with your baby, and now you’re super cute, and your wife is really lucky!”

There were some ums and stammers in there, and she blushed as I thanked her, and then raced off. But damn, y’all. That was some top-notch complimenting, and I damn near strutted out of that store.”



“I was out back building a new deck on my house and my daughter came outside to tell me she thought I was doing a good job and that she was proud of me for being able to build a deck.”



“Was working in a restaurant and told a guest that I would have the bartender make them a really annoying off-menu cocktail. Put in the order, walked to the bar to beg her to make this cocktail that I know she hates dealing with. She looks at me and sighs and says “That grin should be illegal.” and proceeds to make the cocktail. Still makes me smile to myself.”



“I’m a little self conscious of my laugh because it literally sounds like a dying hyena, and I’ve had a couple girls tell me “OMG I love your laugh” and “you have the best laugh”, that always puts a smile on my face thinking about that.

Also, I met one other person in my life who has the same laugh as me and we actually met in school, and we would sometimes sit on opposite sides of the classroom and then when one of us would laugh the other one would laugh and then it sounded like an echo chamber or a zoo or something, it was really funny.”



“‘I really like your speech pattern’- One of my old coworkers.”



“I was talking to my ex and a few of his friends about this girl I knew in high school, Cecily. I said “she’s the kind of person that makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world when you’re talking to her. She engages so deeply and always seems really interested in what you’re saying to her.”

One of his friends said “Downvoteallofthem, I think you’re one of those people” and everyone else in the car voiced their agreement. It was the coolest thing that ever happened to me. I’ll never forget that.”



“Once, a blind girl that I helped to arrive at her place, she told me that she could feel my very good vibes and she was comfortable walking with me because that. I won’t forget that.”



“Goddamn. You just blew every compliment I’ve ever gotten out of the water. My best was on tinder. I’d rate myself a 5-6 most days, but capable of a 7 with proper effort. And this range is displayed in my photo choices so my matches know what they’re getting.

I matched with a perfect 10 once. Unfortunately not for the reason I wanted. But she goes “im sorry, I’m honestly not interested. But I had to match with you and tell you how gorgeous your eyelashes are. I’m super jealous.”

Definitely not as good as yours, but it made me feel good that a girl I saw as a 10 wanted a physical feature that I had.”

_ _celli


“the last words my grandma said to me…. ‘oh look youre so handsome'”



“A girl I worked with once asked if I could give her a ride home because her ride wasn’t able to pick her up. I did, and asked her out to dinner, which she agreed to. While we were at dinner, she confessed: “I didn’t actually need a ride home. I just wanted a ride from a cute guy.”

I was riding that compliment for months.”



“On a night out, I had a girl tell me I looked like Waldo, then proceeded to flirt with me. 11/10 the funniest compliment I’ve ever received.”



“When I got my MA, a professor of mine came over to congratulate me after the ceremony. She said “You didn’t speak much in my classes, but when you did I always listened because I knew what you said would matter.” It was a really simple statement at the time, but I think about it often.”



“I was at a funeral and my old school bus drivers wife who I had never met looked at me and said “you must be one of those (my last name) I said “yes,” She said “I knew it when I saw your eyes”. It made sense to me. It’s happened my whole life.

My whole family has large brown eyes and I’m always recognized for that so I said “yeah, we all have big brown eyes”. She said “That’s not exactly it. You all have kind eyes. You can tell by looking at a (my last name) they are genuine and good people” probably the most sincere compliment I’ve gotten.”



“My uncle was a world renowned chef. Cooked for kings, queens, and every US president from Nixon to Clinton. I grilled him a venison steak once and he said “wow, this is really good.” I will wear that as a badge of honor for for the rest of my days.”



“Was at Starbucks and the attractive barista asked for my name to put on the cup. I told her, but when I got my cup it said “handsome guy :)”. Made my week haha”



“I’ve been very depressed lately. I’ve never felt a low like this before. My roommate noticed because I stopped doing the dishes on my designated days, which is unlike me; I just couldn’t find the energy or motivation.

I told her and she started writing encouraging notes on our shared bathroom mirror with dry erase markers. Yesterday she wrote “5 things that make ColourfulFunctor awesome”, and today she wrote “I am a better person because of you, ColourfulFunctor”.

I think she literally saved my life. I’m still struggling, but I’m so lucky to have her.”



I worked with a hilarious black lady that didn’t get out much because she had just had a baby so the alcohol had gotten to her at the christmas party and while we were both waiting for our spouses to pick us up she was like

Her: is your wife picking you up?

Me: Yeah

Her: Is she fine as shit? I bet she’s fine as shit, cause you fine as shit.

Wife drives up in her car and she walks right over to her and tells her to roll the window down

Her: Damn she is fine as shit, yall have fun getting it tonight.

Made both my wife and I feel really really good about ourselves that night haha.