These Are The Most Insanely Expensive Things You Can Buy On Amazon Right Now

Most of us use Amazon as our one-stop shop for home good essentials, clothing, electronics, and literally anything else we might need. However, the online retail giant also offers an array of products that are priced far above our pay grade. I mean, I guess the millionaires of the world have to shop somewhere right? That being said, here are just a few of the most outrageously expensive items Amazon has to offer.

*FYI: If by some chance you do purchase one of these high-roller items, we may earn a small affiliate commission.

10. An 18kt Rolex Sky-Dweller watch.


Because who doesn’t want a Rolly Rolly Rolly?

Entertaining Review: “Before I traded my tiger and house and a few lambos for this watch my pet tiger told me to buy this watch. After I bought it I reliazed how great of an idea it was to buy this watch. I wear it everyday while I walk on the streets homeless.” – Brandon

Get it on Amazon for a whopping $39,627.90

9. This original gold Pokedex.


Yes, they’re still a thing.

Entertaining Review: “For the low price of ten thousand dollars, you get this sum b*tch. And for an extra $50, it’ll summon real life Pokémon. They’re kind scary and attack people on the street but hey, that’s the price you have to pay to live out your childhood fantasy. And when they behave, every female within an 11 mile radius will up in your grill asking to pet your Pokémon. And if your Pokémon doesn’t mane your new friend. I guarantee you’ll probably get her number, it works 60% of the time 100% of the time. So take out a student loan and get this, you won’t regret it.” – Dylan Sutt

Get it on Amazon for a whopping $10,000.00

8. A certified Mickey Mantle 1953 autographed baseball card.


Yankees fans rejoice!

No reviews yet. 

Get it on Amazon for a whopping $26,253.39

7. Eric Clapton’s 2014 Fender Strat.


A legendary ax played by a legendary musician.

Entertaining Review: “Oh yeah, I love it, but I still had to sell every single other thing I owned.” – Nostrand, Pierce Everett

Get it on Amazon for a whopping $129,999.99

6. A Sigma 200-500mm ultra telephoto zoom lens for Nikon DSLR cameras.


I honestly thought this was a bazooka at first glance.

Entertaining Review: “Now let me tell you, THIS is a lens. You thought that $700 piece of trash you just bought is going to get the job done? Wrong. I didn’t know what life was until I spent 94% of my annual income on this beautiful green beast (homeless now, no familiy, help). I’ll admit, I’m not a professional. I’ve been using the Gameboy Camera as my primary piece of hardware for the past 6 years, and I felt it was finally time to move up. So I took the leap and bought this hunk of metal as well as a high quality, single use, Kodak 35mm camera (with flash, of course). That’s when I ran into my first problem, however. The flash thingy couldn’t get around this howitzer barrel. I was in luck though, I managed to jury rig an old U-boat periscope to reflect the flash over this titan and haven’t had any issues since.” – Colin H.

Get it on Amazon for a whopping $25,999.00

5. This Sophia 35-light chandelier with silver shade crystals from Swarovski.


Can someone please buy this for me so I can sell it and pay off my student loans? K, thanks!

No reviews yet.

Get it on Amazon for a whopping $22,605.00

4. A bundle of unprocessed Malaysian virgin human hair.


Yes, really.

Actual Review: “This hair is amazing! It’s very soft and light. Looks just like the photos. I’ve had it installed for a month now with no problems. The 360 closure fit perfectly and the lace was easy to work with.” – Dee Lilly

Get it on Amazon for a whopping $16,000.00

3. This 1907 $10 Indian Gold Eagle coin.


Aha! So this is what I’ve been saving for.

No reviews yet.

Get it on Amazon for a whopping $95,805.85

2. A signed copy of Banksy’s iconic Girl With Balloon.


Okay, now this price tag is almost justifiable.

No reviews yet.

Get it on Amazon for a whopping $135,000.00

1. This Fortinet super security bundle.


But don’t worry, the shipping is free. What a deal.

Entertaining Review: “I really like this game fortnite is a very fun to play strategic game.” – Dana

Get it on Amazon for a whopping $202,154.00

If only I could find that extra million I had lying around…

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