People Are Claiming This New Bottled Sangria Will Get You Even More Twisted Than A Four Loko

When we’re young, we’ll do just about anything to get our booze cheap and easy.
If that weren’t true, none of us would have ever picked up a Four Loko, to begin with. But, we all know that us young folks are suckers for a cheap way to party the weekends away. While Four Loko’s have been proven to be the liquid equivalent to the devil, there’s a new inexpensive boozy treat on the market that people are claiming is worse than Four Loko–and, we should all stay away from forever.

Capriccio Bubbly Sangria comes in a four-pack of 1.5L bottles. On the packaging, the company claims in total, there’s 13.9% alcohol in these bad boys. The company claims each bottle is about the same as drinking two glasses of wine.


But, recently, people have been sharing some horror stories about the full-punch these tiny bottles pack. Twitter user shared two posts from two different people who claimed that their night was absolute chaos after drinking these.


Others are sharing similar stories, saying that if you want to get drunk fast–these are the way to go.

But, be warned, it may be too strong for you–especially if you drink too much.