20+ PornHub Comments That Are Better Than The Videos

Don’t lie – you’ve been to PornHub, at least once or twice. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone. You’re just one of 21 million plus other daily unique users (it’s HUGE, to no one’s surprise).

It’s cool, there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to getting jiggy with yourself. People are sexual beings, and if you need a little titillation, PornHub is the place to go.

Except that not everyone goes just for the videos – there’s a social aspect to the site that most of us probably don’t really think about. But we really, really should cause these people deserve to be recognized:

23. Class warrior

22. Long distance runner, over here

21. An evocative simile

20. Little taste of truth

19. A final salute

18. The Pope’s on it, don’t worry

17. What we were really looking for

16. “Become gay”?

15. A helpful suggestion

14. Happens to the best of us