Paris Hilton Just Reignited Her Feud With Longtime Frenemy Lindsay Lohan In The Pettiest Way Possible

If you grew up in the ’00s, you’d know there’s a lot of celebs we worshiped like Gods. From listening to Britney Spears to watching Laguna Beach and rocking our “Return to Tiffany” bracelets, we were all a bit basic back in those days.
That’s why it’s no surprise that we followed the likings of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. For years, the two have had a rather on-again, off-again friendship–if you can even call it that. They’ve had their fair share of drama and beef stemming all the way back to when Lohan tried to snag up Hilton’s ex-boyfriend in 2006. The two have always been trashing each other in the spotlight, like when Hilton called Lohan “very poor” for only being worth $7 milllion–tragic.

While most of their drama is from the 2000’s, Paris Hilton proved this week she’s still not over the beef in the pettiest way possible. The Instagram account @paris2000s– which features iconic and memorable moments from Hilton’s past–posted an old video of Lindsay Lohan trash talking Hilton. The video is captioned:

the chronicles of the 00s troubled star Lindsay Lohan and her chaotic backtracking situations

In the video, Lohan talks to cameras about how Hilton showed up to a party at her friend’s house and hit her with a drink. Then, the video cuts to later in the day when Paris Hilton and Lohan are hanging out and Hilton tells Lohan to “tell the truth.” Lohan takes back everything she said about Hilton hitting her and says it’s all false–saying Paris is her friend.

Paris Hilton apparently found the video amusing–so many years later–taking time out of her day to comment a rather savage statement on the video about Lohan. According to the Instagram page @commentsbycelebs, Hilton called Lohan a pathological liar.

Even in 2018, I still appreciate some Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton beef and, I’m sure any basic girl from 2006 feels the same. Bless up.