People Are Applauding Chrissy Teigen For Getting Candid About Breast-Pumping

Chrissy Teigen has always been the type of celebrity mom who is super candid about the struggles all women have during pregnancy and postpartum.
From stretch marks to discomfort to butt-hole rippings to breastfeeding, the model and TV host who is the mother of two adorable children always keeps it 100% real.

Here she is posing in her hospital mesh panties.

Here she is talking about her butthole.

And, sharing her stretch marks.

Teigen normalizes what it means to be a mom–sharing things that most celebs hide from the spotlight. Like, for example, breast-pumping.

All moms know that when you have a newborn at home, it’s hard to get your “alone time” with your partner. And, how about when you’re breastfeeding and want to grab a glass of wine? It’s basically like being pregnant still, just with more sleepless nights. John Legend shared a photo of he and his wife on the way to dinner for Father’s Day and in it–Teigen was doing what all moms need to do when they leave their child at home and plan to have a few drinks–breast-pump. Legend captioned it:

I know it’s Father’s Day and all but my wife is pretty awesome. She’s taking me to dinner but still on mommy duty

Knowing women who try to still have a life while raising a child, I’ve seen this almost every time–breast-pumping allows you to have enough food for your newborn while you’re away, and even enough to feed when you’re home (if you decide to have a drink or two, you earned it). Or, some pump when they need to–your boobs don’t stop making milk just because you’re going out. People online were so grateful to see Teigen keeping it honest, they thanked her for it.

We love a momma who keeps it real, brava Chrissy!