People Are Arguing Over This Guy’s Petty Reaction To Splitting Lunch With His Co-Worker

Many times in life, there are things our friends or our co-workers do that piss us off.
Sure, it would be beautiful to have petty revenge on them–but is it always worth it? Sometimes yes, over bigger things. But, over a sandwich? I think not. Unless of course you are Ross Geller and someone ate your Thanksgiving sandwich that your sister so kindly made you–then, it’s on. Recently, people on social media have been at a loss for words–or straight up cackling–over how petty this man was over splitting lunch with his co-worker.

Eric Haynes shared the story of how his co-worker tried to “G him up” on a Subway sandwich by taking one inch more than him–so, he took action. He wrote on Facebook:

She called me Petty and I called her Greedy….. I took a female co worker to lunch and paid for it, we decided to share a Subway footlong sub, we get back to her office and she cuts it in half, when I get back with sodas, the sandwich wasn’t cut in half and she had the big piece on her paper plate, I said, “wait a damn minute” this isn’t 6 inches and got a scale to prove it, I had 5 inches and she had 7 inches, so I made her cut an inch off her piece…..Question? Was I being petty, hell I paid for it or was she trying to be sneaky and greedy? Your thoughts



A lot of people on Facebook commented on how excessive it was to bring out a dang ruler and measure the sandwich. Others said the entire thing was straight up absurd.

Others said that his co-worker was being greedy because he did pay for the sandwich.

Personally, I think pulling a ruler out is petty AF. If you’re mad about her taking the bigger piece, just say–next time, you pay for lunch, so simple.

What do y’all think–was this petty or was it fair?