30 People Confess The Most Traumatizing Poop Story They Can’t Wipe Clean From Their Memory

Poop stories–we all have them. Whether it's when you had to go really, really badly and thought you were gonna go in your pants (or actually did go in your pants), take solace in the fact that we all have an embarrassing poop story.
If you're too ashamed to bring up your own, we are here to make you feel all the better with traumatizing poop stories from complete strangers. You're welcome!


My horror story happened a few years ago. I had eaten some shitty burritos and I was at my gym,working out. As I was doing crunches… I shit my pants in front of my crush and I was mortified,to say the least.



I was in kindergarten when this happened. My teacher was very strict and scary and I remembered none of us ever had the courage to ask her if we could go to the toilet. But that day, I was having this really bad stomachache and I was still too afraid to ask. So. 5 year old me and that time, thought it would be no big deal and nobody could smell it, so I pooped in my pants. Needless to say, my mum had to pick me up at class 5 minutes later and they had to move class because the cleaners was cleaning up my mess. It was embarrassing and now I can somewhat laugh about it.



I had jut gotten home from eating buffalo chicken fingers at a restaurant. I was in the kitchen talking to my mom when I felt a gurgle in my stomach. I let out what I thought would be a fart but actually started in my pants. I waddled up the stairs to take off my shit filled underwear and clean myself. I get out of the shower and hear my mom scream. The dog got into the bag with my shit filled underwear and had dragged them around the house. It was a mess. He had brown stains on his mouth for days.



I was black Friday shopping with my mom in a mall, running on a 2 hour nap and a cup of coffee. We're walking through the mall when I suddenly realized that severe sleep deprivation and coffee don't mix well when I haven't eaten anything. I feel an awful pain in my intestines and while I try to hold in a fart, I stopped in the middle of the hall and felt the horror start to just seep out. I turned completely white to the point where my mom got worried, and all I could say was I needed a bathroom NOW. The closest store was Best Buy, so I had to finish my business and clean myself up while my mom went and bought a new pair of underwear for me somewhere else.



I really shouldn't be telling this. I had just arrived to visit my then boyfriend and meet the family for the first time in the Dominican Republic, which is (unbeknownst to me at the time) famous for the electricity and the water going off on a daily basis. It was the second day of the trip and I was trying to hold out until he left to buy us breakfast real quick. The second he left, I RAN to the bathroom and…. it was bad. When I tried to flush, it wouldn't go down because the water went off! I had no idea what to do so I ran around in circles panicking until I heard him at the front door. I had a sh*tload (heh) of plastic bags in my suitcase from packing and I put them over my hand and grabbed my poop out of the toilet and tied it up and hid it until my suitcase until I got a chance to throw it out outside when he wasn't looking! He even said something smelled kinda funky when he came back to the room and I was like “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT”!

Jessica Maldonado


I was home for winter break from college when I got a bad stomach bug. I ended up in just a t shirt puking into the toilet at 7am with the door open. The force of my puking caused me to start spurting shit out the other end and I just held back my hair and cried. When I stood up my mom was in the doorway and I yelled in panic “I pooped on the floor!”



I was at school one day and was in between classes. There was a nice bathroom at one of the buildings that I liked to use. I went in thinking it was gonna be a normal poop but ended up having a really long, disgusting one. I didn’t want anyone hearing so I would do this “trick” where if it felt like it was gonna be loud I would pull on the loud toilet paper dispenser. After doing that a couple times I was finished. I wiped and went to flush the toilet but I had CLOGGED IT. I kept flushing a bunch of times, it being one of the nicer bathrooms I could hear people waiting in line for a stall. There were only three stalls. So I kept flushing and it finally unclogged but it started to overflow. I ended up just running out of the bathroom when that happened without washing my hands completely embarrassed and pushing through the line. I still feel embarrassed to this day about it.



I was in 6th grade when i went out with my sister for a fun day. We had eaten Boston Market and I drank a lot of coke that day. We were in an American Eagle and my stomach proceeded to hurt in the most excruciating pain I had ever felt. I told my sister I had to poop NOW but she insisted that she had to buy something before taking me to a bathroom. I couldn’t hold it in anymore and shit came pouring out of my butthole. Unfortunately I was wearing shorts and it came spilling out of my pants and created a huge pile of shit on the floor. somehow I ended up in the middle of the store and i called out my sisters name and she turned and looked at me in so much shock and told me to run so i sprinted with shit still falling out of my ass into the pizza shop next door. i got shit all over their bathroom trying to clean myself up. i threw out my underwear and pants and my sister pulled my shirt all the way down, tied her sweater around me and we sprinted out of the pizza store with me butt naked. we bought clothes at a justice nearby and her boyfriend picked us up. i cried the entire ride home. sadly, this was not the last time i shit mysel



My friend and I were taking a stroll around town and had stopped at Burger King for frozen cokes. After that, we went to the park and I still had my cup from said frozen coke. Now, dairy screws me up and earlier we had ice cream. Before walking in heat. Thankfully, the park had a porta potty and I went in and was unable to hold anything back. Then, I realized there was no toilet paper. NONE. So I sat in there like wtf can I do then I looked to my left and saw my empty Burger King cup. Long story short, I ripped it up and used it as toilet paper then pumped my hands full of sanitizer



With my boyfriend on a walk in the cemetery. I was suddenly urgently overcome with diarrhea. I had to squat behind a headstone. I felt so bad, like I disrespected the dead but I absolutely had no choice! Luckily my boyfriend kept watch. He still teases me about it to this day. I remember apologizing to the headstone.