25 Early Warning Signs That Your Significant Other Is Abusive


Yelling and not calmly communicating over any issue.

Crying, begging, pleading when they screw up and manipulating you to feel bad for them when they haven’t done anything to own the mistake or take actuo to fix it. thats why abused people stay. Example: crying and saying “I didn’t want to hit you but you did x/y/z”.



When they start to “jokingly ” put you down in front of others ..” but I was just kidding “.



Attempts to separate you from situations where you meet new people. Attempts from separating you from your support groups ( family, friends, etc) The sentence “Who else but me would put up with you?” or variations of thereof “You are lucky that i put up with you” ” No one else would want you” etc.

Constant attempts to make issues about themselves when they are unrelated in order to guilt trip you.

Anyone that uses the word LOVE as an excuse. “I did it Because i Love you.” “I wouldnt have done it but I just love you so much” Love isnt a justification for something.



Overly controlling of all aspects of the relationship. What you wear, where you go, what’s for dinner. If one person in the relationship feels they should be making all the decisions. That’s pretty unhealthy.

Quick to Anger. Everyone get frustrated over stupid stuff every now and then. But if they are blowing up constantlyover mundane things. That’s a bad sign of things to come. How do you think they’ll handle a real issue?

Won’t give you any privacy. Even if you are living together, people need a certain amount of privacy and alone time. If they are constantly checking in with you, where you, what you’re doing, who you’re with, going through your phone, etc. Also a pretty bad sign of things to come.



Threatening to breakup with you after every argument.