People Reveal The Douchiest Thing They’ve Seen Someone Do

People are the worst. Anyone who has ever worked a customer service job can vouch for this. Sure, on the whole there are probably more good, polite people out there than bad ones, but you remember the bad ones. You remember them forever.

There are certain unspoken social contracts that most of us abide by. Don’t answer a phone call in the middle of a movie. Don’t back into a parking lot spot when it’s busy. Don’t eat a banana in the checkout line then put the peel on the conveyer belt. (Yes I saw someone do this and I almost blacked out from rage.)

Then there are those who take it one step further. All of these people have a special place in hell.



“Worked at a festival next to a funnel cake booth. Nice dude drops a 50 for the next 10 people in line to each get a free cake. Two people take their free cakes gratefully, but the third is a middle aged bitch with a sour face. She wants all of the remaining 8 funnel cakes for herself alone. The dude in the booth told her no and wouldn’t even give her one if she bought it, but for real, the fact she even tried is douchey as fuck.”



“During college- we had to give a short presentation of our paper to the 200+ person class. This presenter happened to be a student with a very noticeable stutter. The two girls sitting in front of me started to imitate him in a very cruel way, laughing all the while. And that too, openly enough for the student to see them. Finally someone loud whispered for them to shut the fuck up. And they did.”



“A customer doing whatever he could to bring a poor cashier down to tears and then had the nerve to smirk because he made a cashier cry.”



“I used to work in an office with a guy who would run and tell the management about every single little thing people did or said. Any offhand remark and he would run squealing to the managers about it. The worst part was he acted like your friend to lull you into a false sense of security.”



“Nothing too crazy but I was third in line at a gas station to pay when the customer at the register drops a $5 bill or whatever out of his pocket when he goes to pay. The douche in front of me puts his foot on the bill so when the first guy leaves, he can clean up. So when the first guy turns to leave I say, “Hey man, you dropped some cash”. The look on the second guys face as he moves his foot to reveal the money was wonderful. I felt like a hero that day.”



“I was taking my lunch break outside at my old job (mall) A couple is walking up to the door, wife with a double stroller, husband looking at his phone. He opens a single door for himself, instead of hitting the giant button that would open both doors so his wife and children could easily enter the building. She asks for help, he says nothing, still looking at his phone and let’s the door slam in her face. Definitely not the absolute douchiest thing, but I still get pissed thinking about it.”



“We visited family overseas, including my dad, who I hadn’t seen in a decade. My dad went all out and got us a cabin on a nearby (2 hour drive) nature reserve. He saved a longass time and spent a lot of money to take us to different areas in said reserve to see wildlife and enjoy scenery. His birthday was that week. At the party his wife made a point that she was upset she couldn’t get him an expensive ring she liked ‘because you kids came down and cost us so much.’ He doesn’t even like rings. He wanted to make memories with his children, fuck me right?”