24 People Reveal The Most Screwed Up Things Their Exes Have Done To Them


Upon catching him getting a blow-job from some girl at a party, he shrugged and said, “Like I’m gonna tell her to stop?”


I dated an a**hole for 16 months we had a great time together and he was my first boyfriend. We would spend after school together whenever we could and when we couldn’t hangout we would play moshi monsters.

Well, in moshi monsters you have your “message board” anyone can see and you stick “post-its” to it when you want to talk to someone.

He dumped me after forgetting my birthday in an online childrens game on a public board. It read: “hey sorry I missed your birthday the other day but anyways its not working out bye.”


This was an ex of 7 years on and off. We remain friends to this day, but this happened one summer when we were in high school.

He went camping almost every weekend with his family near Atlantic City, so one weekend me and my friend Donna decided to go camping at a nearby campground and spend the weekend with him and some friends.

I introduce them. Not five minutes later my friend asks if she can kiss him. I of course said no, but that didn’t stop her.

However I didn’t find out she went behind my back until AFTER the weekend… when he called me and broke up with me… followed by him asking my permission to date Donna.

For the month that followed, he would call me almost every night and either talk to me or leave me text and voicemail thanking me for introducing him to such a great person.


He chewed tobacco. Always left his spit bottles everywhere.. asked and asked for him to pick them up.. never did. Till one day I spilled one of them all over my lap.

So I grabbed all the ones I could find—7 half full cans… and put them inside his pillow case.

He got home late and tired and slept in his own spit!!


My ex-boyfriend has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. We both had gotten our brains scanned as part of a research project at the University Hospital and got to keep the brain images.

One night, we were looking at our brain images side-by-side and he grew sincerely concerned that I didn’t have as much grey matter as he did.

He started wondering how compatible we were, seeing as how significantly (physically) different my brain was to his.


Had an ex ignore my calls and blow off our plans to get together one night, a couple hours later a friend who bartended our local bar called to tell me he was at the bar with another gal and being very friendly. Next day he insisted he was at home with a migraine. When I reminded him that two close friends happened to be a working at the bar last night and if he really wanted to stick with that story he just shrugged his shoulders like a toddler.


My ex turned up at my school and wanted me to skip school to be with him. Being a good girl I refused but a so called friend volunteered to go with him. When she got back to school she told me I was dumped and she was now his girlfriend.

Years later she was assuming the position with my brother.


My junkie ex boyfriend robbed my family’s house one day when we he knew we were at a Yankee game.. arrive home at 1am and immediately knew he was there (specific things missing, and literally left a couple personal items behind)… I’m sure he didn’t expect me to kick his door down at 2am, wielding a baseball bat. Leave the rest to your imagination, but we got our stuff back and I never heard from him again. Shoulda known he messed with some bad bitches…


My ex husbands child support checks are pictures of him and the girl he cheated on me with. I get one a week with a different pose. Classy!


Had the mistress in the waiting room while I delivered our child. Then left with her to go ‘celebrate the birth of our son’.