19 People Whose Texting Privileges Have Now Been Revoked

We live in a remarkable time of flying machines and tiny computers that can tell us where hot, local singles are in our area. Yet, with all this technological power, comes technological responsibility. Texting is a privilege, not a right, and certain respect and discretion must be followed to ensure a pleasant experience for both parties.

These people showed neither respect, nor discretion.

1. This Guy Who Went From Zero To Sixty Real Quick

2. This Fella Who Really Dropped The Ball

Eklypto__ / Via

3. This Conversation Starter

Twitter: @TweetsFeminism

4. This Dog Lover

Twitter: @str8boytexts

5. This Guy Who Definitely Played Things Off Real Smooth

The_R4ke / Via

6. This Education Expert

Twitter: @Jaidachan

7. This Determined Individual

Twitter: @coolemodad

8. This Guy Whose Questions Keep Us Up At Night

9. This 2Spooky Romantic

alyssajane3 / Via

10. Dory, From ‘Finding Nemo’

Twitter: @S_tarvingartist

11. Ah, Yes, The Two Genders

Twitter: @jwzayn

12. This Guy Who Just Learned A New Word

Twitter: @str8boytexts

13.This Proud Owner Of A ‘Nice Nice’

14. This 280 Character Orgasm Fiend

Twitter: @MsChristineLove


Twitter: @tex_lohnes

16.This Rowdy Gentile

17. This Guy Who’s Always In The Mood

Twitter: @kimkarASHlian

18. This Time-Saver

Twitter: @s___islam

19. This Guy Who’s Just Shooting His Shot

Twitter: @YourxDreamGent

h/t: Buzzfeed