20+ People Recall The Moment They Realized They Were In Love With Their SO

Well, ain’t this just the cutest sh*t you’ve ever seen! These moments are so pure that it’s enough to make you cry a little bit – but just the tiniest bit. Like, small enough that you can pretend to be tired and wipe your eyes so no one sees.

But you’ll know you were happy-crying from relationship cuteness overload.

It’s not the worst problem to have.


My husband and I met online and were friends for ages (and I was in denial because I didn’t want the complications of a relationship), and I keep falling in love with him over and over again.

-when he told me that he wanted to raise my kid with me and be her dad after her birth dad vanished like a fart in a drafty room

-when he cried during Up

-when we eloped and stood in the drive through of a wedding chapel, and it was cold so he kept warming up my fingers by kissing them

-when my kid fell asleep on his chest and he looked quietly content

-when I got sick with what was later diagnosed as multiple sclerosis, I offered to divorce him so he wasn’t saddled with an increasingly disabled spouse, and he refused utterly to even consider it

-when I had grand mal seizures after a new lesion formed on my brain (better now) and he refused to leave me at the ER even though I told him to go home

-when he was diagnosed with stage four neuroendocrine carcinoma in his pancreas with mets in his liver

-when he woke up from the 11 hour long surgery (22 tumors taken out!) and I arrived in the SICU, he saw me and even though he was drugged as hell, white as a sheet, and had two IVs, a line in his jugular, two drains from his belly, three tiny laproscopic incisions and a ten inch curving incision across his belly – his eyes lit up and he squeezed my fingers.

We’ve been together for nine years, and even with all the shit, they’ve been the best years of my life.



I make these weird sounds in the back of my throat. Nothing crazy, just sort of like a weird ‘hum’, just a tick of mine. I’m really self conscious about it, I had classmates and colleagues talk to me about it, and ex boyfriends ask me to stop doing it, which I can’t seem to do. Sometimes I don’t realize I’m even doing it.

But I know I do and I know it bothers people sometimes when we’re in silence. You can’t hear it if we’re in a loud place. I asked my boyfriend one day, maybe two years into our relationship if he noticed, he’d never said anything about it. He was like ‘oh yeah, I hear it. I just figured it’s just something you do.’

He shrugged it off and has never brought it up since. I knew in that moment I was going to Marry him. We’ve been together over 6 years and married for a year and a half. I knew he would love me for everything I was, crazy ticks and all.



We were just hanging out, I was laying on his couch. He was playing his guitar, a song I requested. Just laying there, listening to him, and looking at him I realized that I loved him because I didn’t want to be anywhere else.



My SO likes telling this to people. I made my boyfriend frozen perogies a few weeks after we started dating…I accidentally didn’t cook them enough, but he still ate them because he didn’t want me to feel bad. I could tell that he wasn’t enjoying them so I was like, “You don’t have to eat them. I won’t get insulted.” He eventually caved in and got food poisoning soon after, but still really liked me…just didn’t let me in the kitchen afterwards. I appreciated his attempt at making me feel like I didn’t just serve him one of the worst dishes of his life…His cooking was fantastic (to my low, low standards) and we spent more time with each other. It made me really love him.

Side note: It took 3+ years into our relationship to want to cook for him again, and I have not failed at anything yet.



He lost his job, and didn’t tell me, just called me and asked me to meet him downtown ASAP, and I went there, since I was staying at his(shared) apartment at the moment.

He told me he had just been fired and that he was very anxious and sad and that it probably also meant that he was going to be single now, so I called him stupid, and told him that something as irrelevant as losing his job would not make me go away unless he wanted me to. I was terrified and thinking finances, and have severe money related anxiety(I grew up very poor), but I was more worried about him and his well being than about the money, that is how I knew.

We stayed together for years after that.



We had been friends for almost 2 years. Every time I started talking to a new guy, I’d find myself comparing them to him. No matter how amazing someone was and how much I liked them, I’d find myself going “I’d still drop them in a blink of an eye for him tho.”

(For the record, I don’t mean comparing jobs or looks or property. I mean kindness, how well they deal with my bullshit, how well our sense of humour matches. The things that matter.)



There were things before that made me feel that I loved him before this moment, but as an overly emotional person this sort of solidified the honesty/depth of that feeling.

I got divorced a few years ago & while it was amicable. We haven’t really talked or seen one another (I moved out of state, he remarried w/kids) & the divorce hit me harder then I was prepared for. I would have these random unexpected moments where I would have these really sad dreams where I was always looking for him , no where to be found & waking up would sort of leave this lingering feeling of sad for a few hours/day.

Fast forward in to my current relationship. After a few years of dating one another, We moved in together into our 1st house.

A few months into living together I have this dream that I ran in to my ex-husband in some weird store & we had a good chat for a moment. His wife comes up, he introduces me to her. I say hold on let me get my boyfriend so you can meet him. I introduce him we all chat happily for a few more minutes.

As we go to leave my ex-husband says something like “Does he make you happy?” I reply “Yes” and he says “I’m Glad.” & we all walk away.

I woke up that morning feeling happy in my heart & this sense of I dunno like I had let something go so I could make more room in my heart for my bf.



When we were in college some buddies and I were drinking and one of them looked at me and said “you’re going to marry her, huh?” and I looked at him and realized that I had never thought about it before, but at the same time knew that that’s what would happen. And FWIW I had told her “I love you” hundreds of times before that, but it was at that moment I realized I’d spend the rest of my life with her and truly loved her (albeit my younger mind thought I knew what love was and was horribly wrong). 12 years together, 8 married and I’m so glad I had that moment.



I felt genuinely happy when I was with her and I looked forward to seeing her again. I knew her for a bit over a year and never wanted to date her, just be friends. I knew she had a crush on me (yes, I was hardcore friend zoning her), but I told myself I was happy as just friends and didn’t want to ruin things by dating. Well, eventually I realized that it wasn’t worth fighting and now we’ve been together for almost a year and a half.



There was a look he gave me two days after we met, and I just knew. I must have been looking at him the same way because years later he said that’s when he knew too. It was very distinct- on the 4th of July. I remember thinking “Please don’t say you love me” because we had only know each other for 2 days and I wasn’t looking for a relationship. We started dating 2 months later, he told me he loved me for the first time 2 weeks after that.