34 Reasons Why People Completely Stopped Talking To Their Best Friend


I had taken her to a concert she wanted to go to and had permission to have my 7 month old there with me because no babysitter at the time. I paid for everything and she decided after i parked it was fine to smoke weed inside my car with my 7 month old right behind her. I handed her the tickets and left her there, have never talked to her again. She doesn't see the problem with what she did.



He fucked my girlfriend 3 years ago, pretended we good and all for over a year, and now they're getting married.

Needless to say i'll rip his fucking heart out if i ever see him again.



She decided one day she didn’t want to live with me and left with only 20 days notice when we had 1.5 years left on our lease. She said she would only pay for half the fees because I lived there and even though she was leaving it’s still my responsibility. She moved out and left me with an empty room, $500 dollars less for rent, and no roommate the week before finals. We will never talk again.



I couldn't handle her anger. I'd known her since middle school, and she's always been easy to anger and would go off the handle about things that really didn't warrant it. Whatever, usually we could calm her down and it wasn't like she'd hurt anybody, just get moody and huffy.

Well, after highschool we would travel a bit together and it started to get obvious that she wasn't even trying to work on her anger issue, even when we called her out on it and stopped coddling her during her outbursts. The final straw was when she wasted half a day of one of our vacations because during an outburst a day before, she'd lost her badge to the convention we were at, and we had to trudge behind her as she tried to see how much a day badge was, then broke down that it was ‘too much' and obviously tried to guilt one of us into buying her one.

It was after that that we cut off contact, realizing that she was ruining our hard earned vacations.



Not me but wife and one of her bridesmaids.

Her bridesmaid (bff growing up) ended up getting engaged and married after us. My wife found out about the engagement & marriage the day before the actual wedding, just through someone's post on social media.



I noticed that they slowly stopped responding to my texts, and/or would take days to respond. I stopped texting to see how long it would take for them to text me first , and I haven’t heard from both of them since January. It hurts. Needless to say, it’s been a very hard year. I have lost 3 very good friends. But it just gives me more time to focus on people who really care about me. And to try and see the positive, I took a deep look Inside to see how I could be a better friend. But also, fuck them.



We ended up having feeling for each other after awhile. Things got physical and her boyfriend found out. They decided they want to fix that relationship and cutting me out of their lives and pretending nothing happened is the way to do it. I'm blocked on everything. Now I'm told she's playing the victim and blames me for everything. I'm still in therapy and all kinds of physical health problems manifested from the anxiety and depression.



Had 3 best friends from 10 years old on, the 4 of us were always together. Throughout our friendship we would get into fights, usually them against me. You know, girls. I wouldn't understand what I did in the first place, but usually apologized and everything went back to normal after a few days. I can't even remember the things they were mad about now. Senior year of high school I met my husband and of course they didn't like him and didn't think he was good for me. They continued to feel this way even after we got married 2.5 years later and he could feel how much they didn't like him. After high school, we all lived in separate cities but still got together as much as we could. Then one year for Christmas when we were in our 20's, they posted on FB how good it was to see each other and they hadn't even contacted me to let me know they were in town, much less invite me. I was done, never talked to them again. I'm not saying I was the perfect friend, but I look back and I had so much anxiety and spent so much time trying to please them. I couldn't even tell them everything about me because of how judgemental they were. My husband and I have been together 15 years, hes my everything. And now I wish I hadn't spent 15 years of my life on trying to please people that weren't true friends. I think about all the good friends I probably missed out on because I was so dependent on them for so long.



I don’t know. My best friend just “decided” we weren’t friends anymore & basically cut me out of their life. Still don’t know to this day what I did & how someone could throw away what I thought was a close friendship so easily.



She got married. I was her Maid of Honor. Cried the whole time. Pure joy. Spent $500 on a dress and drove over 10 hours in one weekend just for the wedding. she got a little distant after the wedding but i let her have some space. newlyweds, right? 6 months later i had a traumatic experience and assault. She was one of the 2 people I told.

She basically broke up with me about 4 weeks later after suddenly cutting off communication completely for a week. I only knew she was alive because I called her husband. When she dumped me, she met me in a local park, got in my car, and told me she didn't want to talk to me anymore. Said I was not supportive enough to her and she felt like i was using her as a therapist.

There are no words for how deeply she hurt me. We'd been friends for over 15 years, and called one another “wife” for 6 of those because there was no other term for how close we were.

She tried to open communication again about a year or two later. I no longer want her in my life. I'll never let her close enough to hurt me again. Her betrayal at a time where I was in terrible pain and so vulnerable is completely unforgivable and hurts more than the trauma of my assault.



She was a pathological liar. It seemed to worsen with her drinking problem. It really came to a head when she would tell mutual friends stories about her life, only it was actually stories that I had told her about MY life. Some stuff I only confided to her. If friends ever questioned the duplicity she would make me out to be the liar. I lost a few friends in that situation. Still hurts a little.



 guess life just organically pulled us apart. He was my best friend for the better part of 15 years, went through everything with me, was in my wedding, everything. He took over his fathers company, I don't know if it was the work or the money but we just started to drift. I couldn't keep up with his life style (he became very wealthy) and wanted to be a single bachelor, while I was at home with my wife and newborn. It's been about 3 years since the drift and about a year since we last talked. I have tried to reach out multiple times but to no avail. Like I said, nothing bad happened and I harbor no ill will, just 2 adults going their own separate ways in life. I hope he is happy and successful!



I had a best friend for a good sixteen or seventeen years. We did everything together all the time, and would spend four or five days a week together just trying to pick up chicks and cracking jokes.

He was just so damn self involved, he didn't really care about anyone but himself. Finally this chick he had a huge crush on picked me, so he got all butthurt and just stopped talking to me all together. That was about twenty years ago. I still talk to his younger brother who is a decent person though.



We were terrible for each others' mental health. She didn't see it, but I did. She was pretty happy to be wallowing in her depression and not get help. I realized I couldn't keep doing that because every time I sort of started to get better she was embodiment of everything negative in my head. Not intentionally, but it was there all the same. I told her why I couldn't hang out with her as much/anymore and eventually just reached a point where I went cold turkey. It's been twelve years and I still miss her, but it was for the best.