Ron Perlman Claims He Peed On His Hand Before Giving Harvey Weinstein A Handshake

If you were to ask me the question, “if you can pee on one person, who would it be,” I would most likely tell you, Harvey Weinstein.
The former studio executive and movie mogul, who disgustingly assaulted and harassed countless women in the industry is probably on the top of everyone’s “who should I pee on” list. But, that’s only because the horrifying things he has done to women for years in the industry was exposed and brought to light. However, many in the industry knew about his habits and mistreatment of women for years. So much so, that they decided to “take action” against him–like, by peeing on their hand when shaking Weinstein’s.

Ron Perlman, who has starred in Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy, tweeted on Monday that he apparently peed on his own hand before shaking Harvey Weinstein’s at a charity event.


This isn’t the first time that Perlman has been open about his hatred for Harvey Weinstein, who was just last month indicted on rape charges. In 2017, Perlman tweeted about how much he wanted to “punch” Weinstein.

But, many on Twitter thought that Perlman’s actions were just as “animalistic” as Weinsteins–pointing out that he should have spoken up, rather than “pissed on his hand,” which indicates that he knew about Weinstein’s poor behavior for years.

Even Donald Trump Jr. called him out.

Clearly, if you know something about a person who is sexually assaulting and raping innocent women–peeing on your hand will do nothing to help the situation.