Ronnie Ortiz-Margo’s Ex-Girlfriend Arrested After Reportedly Dragging Him From A Car

If you’re a fan of the hit MTV show “Jersey Shore,” you’d know firsthand that Ronnie Ortiz-Margo is not the best when it comes to “healthy relationships.”
Just from watching him and Sammi Sweetheart through the years, we’ve seen just how bad of a mixture shore houses, alcohol, and jealousy can truly be.

If you’ve been watching the latest season of the housemates’ reunion on “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” you would also know that Ron-Ron isn’t completely over Sammi or his parting ways–despite having a girlfriend, Jen Harley, who was pregnant with his child.

The two had a volatile relationship over the last several months, as Ronnie has admitted on camera he doesn’t trust Harley 100%. Now, TMZ is reporting that the two, who are still “trying to keep it civil for their daughter,” got into a nasty fight over the weekend that landed Harley behind bars.


According to the site, the couple got into a fight while driving home from a BBQ with their 2-month-old daughter, Ariana, in the car. Ronnie demanded that Harley pull over and let him out of the car, and when he tried getting out he got “caught in the seatbelt,” and Harley began driving away with half of his body out of the car. Sources reported Ronnie’s body had road rash and his face was “bloodied and bruised.” Harley was arrested for domestic battery and booked at Clark County Detention Center.

This comes as no surprise to fans who do follow the couple’s relationship–as Ronnie has “live streamed” arguments and abuse on Instagram. Additionally, the couple has publically thrown insults across social media at each other, including Ronnie called Jen a “hoe,” and Jen accusing him of being a “coke head.”

While domestic violence is never a joke, Twitter was quick to have a few remarks on the situation.

Harley has since been released from jail.