Twitter Is Dragging This Guy Who Rudely Called Out A Vegan For Buying A Crying Child ‘Non-Vegan Ice Cream’

Everyone has the right to their own choices when it comes to diet and lifestyle. While some people choose to be vegans, others choose to divulge in eating steak and chicken–to each their own.
While it’s okay to have your own opinions about food, what’s not cool is pushing your agenda on someone else and calling them out–especially in public. My sister is a vegan–the only one in our family–and many times when we have family gatherings or dinners, we all have meat/dairy. Regardless, she still comes to spend time with us, even if we decide to lead a different lifestyle (of course, there are always some comments). 

One guy is being roasted on Twitter by the masses after he aggressively called out a girl who identifies as a vegan–but purchased “non-vegan ice cream.” Twitter user Anthony Dagher shared the screenshots of their direct messages, saying:

I usually do not do this, but I feel like this is appropriate to post since this person is claiming to be a vegan even though she admitted to buying non-vegan ice cream for someone else, defended what she did when I spoke with her privately (hoping that would make her less likely.

The girl on Twitter shared a post saying that she saw a little girl crying in by driveway because she didn’t have enough money for the ice cream truck like all of his friends–making her day.


Anthony, however, had to call out this girl for buying “non-vegan ice cream.” Essentially, he came off as completely self-righteous and rude. The girl responded saying: “It’s not that deep fam.” WORD.


He had to, of course, go further–to which the woman decided to block him. Good for her, no one should question your beliefs and morals.


Anthony, however, claimed that he still was right–claiming she did the “wrong thing” by blocking him instead of admitting he was right. He also shared her social media accounts, asking people to troll her and yell at her for buying a crying child ice cream. Think this one over guys–now tell me who’s in the wrong.

Anthony–obviously. And, Twitter agrees with me.

Twitter-1, Anthony-0.