People On Reddit Are Confessing The Nastiest Things Guests Have Done In Their Home


Wasn’t home when this happened but some family friend I’ve never met and their kid comes over one afternoon. Kid gets bored and decided it’s a great idea to disassemble every LEGO build I’ve kept over the last 10 years. Almost everything was built from imagination so no instructions to rebuild again. I was devastated when I got home seeing LEGO pieces spread across the entire floor of my room.



stole medicine out of my bathroom after eating my food, and smoking all my cigs that were on the table. i know they stole the medicine because of the blood curdling scream that come out of the bathroom because the medicine they ingested was the pills from a UTI. they numb your biz but make you piss bright red. dumbass thought he was dying. i didn’t even invite him, he was a roommates guest.



I was a kid probably 9 or 10 and my mom had a friend and her son over for lunch. The kid disappeared for about 10 minutes, and at the time I thought he had gone to the bathroom cause i really had to go.

So when he came back I quickly manuevered my way past him into the room before the bathroom, where we had a fishtank. This would be completely irrelevant if the fishtank wasnt cloudy and swirling about. At first glance I didnt know what it was untill I noticed smashed and ripped apart pieces of little fish faces moving around in the swirl.

The kid reached into the fishtank amd squeezed the ever loving life out of every single fish in that tank.



My ex-wife’s sister used a $150 chef’s knife to try and crack open a coconut in my kitchen. She dented it all over and also bent the tip somehow. She then said it must be a cheap knife because her sister in Thailand cuts them open super easy with a cleaver. It’s one bright side of divorce that I never have to suffer her presence ever again.



My husband let a former coworker crash on the couch because he had been drinking and we didn’t want him to drive. Woke up the next morning and he had stolen our computer, a cell phone, a little bit of cash, and our cigarettes. Turns out he had a drug problem. We got our computer back.



My “friend” entered my home, and my very typically shy cat came up to see what was what and greet him. He said, “I hate cats” and kicked her. Haven’t talked to him since. And edit to say he knew I had a cat. We were in our 20s. He wasn’t a petulant child.



Not sure if this would be considered rude but for sure not a good thing to do.

I had 2 australian kids staying at my house for a baseball tournament one time. One of them was a chronic bed-wetter but never told us. He stayed for 5 nights and peed the bed each night without telling us. Instead each night he pushed whatever he peed on to the end of the bed.

First night the sheets, second night the actual mattress protector to stop any pee from getting to it. (It was a bunk bed my brothers and I slept on as children) and lastly he peed directly on the mattress for 3 nights. Ruined the mattress and we had no idea till he left.

The real kicker though is when he took a nap on our new couch. Peed all over it and then fled the scene and we assumed the dog had done it, until we saw the bed that is…

I think that is something you should tell people who open their home to you so they can prepare. And please, dont sleep on the couch if ya know ya got a problem.

Also, not trying to shame anyone for this kinda stuff. I feel like its more common then most people realize and I honestly just feel bad for him. Just wish he could have been honest with us so we could have helped him out a bit.



One of my friend’s little brother took a sh*t in my room. We only have one bathroom in our house and it was occupied. He needed to go pretty bad I guess.



Had my wife’s ex-husband turn up at the door to stay for 10 days.

We moved to Australia from uk – he came over, ostensibly to see his daughter, and arrived at the door with a suitcase.

His 10 year old daughter was ecstatic …. What do you do? (We ASSUMED he’d get a hotel/motel/something!)

While living with us, broke a sandstone wedding present we had received from my brother

F**k that guy. We NEVER badmouthed him, just swallowed it all, with a sanguine smile

At 21, daughter says “Thanks for not telling me my dad is a cock – I’ve discovered he is myself”



This one dude at a party bragged that he never got hangovers. He then drank beer, vodka, Champagne, and Boone’s farm while eating red vines. He threw up pink all over my carpet.

The rude part was that after he slept on my couch for the next 24 hours he left my front door open . When he left I was at work. I came home to an open, not unlocked but open, front door.

Edit: sparkling white wine, not a city in Illinois. Also, and I thought this would be obvious, yes he had a hangover so bad he could only lie on the couch and moan for a day.



Everyone has a story from their childhood that still pisses them off, this is mine. I was five years old and my snotty older cousin was over at our house. I had just gotten a copy of Mike Tyson’s Punch out for my birthday.

He was getting his ass kicked by king hippo and he got so angry he rage quit. But he didn’t just rage quit, he ripped the cartridge out of the Nintendo and spit into it. Then he threw it across the room and stormed out.

I told my parents what happened and they told his parents and they made him apologize, but the game was ruined. It would kind of play, but would freeze up all the time. My family barely had enough money to get me the game for my birthday never mind buying it again. I was sure I would never be able to play it again.

Then for Christmas this little sh*t got Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. So my older brother went over to his house and switched our ruined cartridge with his. It was awesome.