Single Men Are Sharing How Often They Miss Being In A Relationship And Their Answers Are Eye-Opening


As someone who has had brief “spikes” in relationship experience, I totally understand you. I was thinking this on the way to work today. I look at my instagram and see the girls I talk to and even though it may be cutesy stuff, it’s more sexual in nature and ultimately meaningless.

I long for being with someone. Sex is better when emotions are involved, and attachment develops from there. Bonding matters.



Often. Not a cripply “being lonely”, tho. I just miss being loved by a SO. Friendship just isn’t the same.



One thing that i have noticed after being dumped, and arguably the thing that hurts the worst, is that i miss feeling wanted. She used to want to spend time with me, enjoyed my presence.

That is probably what leaves me feeling the most empty, the knowledge that nobody actually actively wants me around.



Yep, absolutely. I’m pretty comfortable with myself and my own company. It’s not like I’m dying to go out and get in a relationship just for the sake of it, but sometimes you just need that person in your life that you can tell anything to, who has your back and whose back you have.

The physical intimacy is obviously a big part, too, but these days I’d be happy just having that strong connection with someone. I miss it.



A good amount. I am a quiet guy so the single life isn’t exactly up my alley. I’ve been in one relationship and I thought it was great but I let things slip away because I had no clue what I was doing.

I miss being in a relationship but more specifically, I want to find someone who I can consider a best friend and significant other.

To learn their strengths as well as flaws and for the her to learn the same about me. To find someone I care about more than myself. Maybe I am a bit of a romantic, but I’m sure a lot of people feel the same.



I have been married for four years now, but i do remember what it was like to not be in a relationship. I had more money and played video games all day and just stayed high.

But if i had a choice between the two I would be in a relationship. My wife has made me a better man and person….so its worth it. Oh and the consistent sex is a plus as well.



Having spent the last 15 years single, occasionally hooking up with someone and trying a couple of times to get something going only to have it blow up in my face, the thing that I miss the most is having someone there who isn’t looking to me to blow her mind, but is just happy to have me around.

I think I might’ve found someone like that recently, but we’ve only been on a couple of dates and we’re still in the beginnings of the “I’m trying to impress you with my class and charm” phase. But we had a bit of a lazy Sunday this weekend, and she still wants to see me, so … hopes and anxiety are both super high.



I definitely get this. Two weeks ago, I passed the three year mark being single out of a 4 year relationship but didn’t really take note of it till this past week. My ex has already blown through two relationships, one being an engagement, and two suicide attempts since we broke up. There was a lot of rotten lying and I don’t even know if I got cheated on or not.

I don’t mention that to gloat that “oh, look I’m doing better than her”, but more of the fact that even though it was over, I still really cared. It hurt how quickly she moved on, it hurt knowing that she tried to take her own life when she knew I still cared. It took a while to get over. It took a lot. Hell, I don’t even know what “over it” means.

I took a long term work assignment abroad and sometimes ask myself what I’m even looking for at this point. It’s hard not to notice seeing love wherever it presents itself. It’s even weirder having the internet and seeing so many friends getting married back home while I’m doing my own thing. So far, I’m just trying to get better at the local language and see all the things that I wouldn’t have gotten to see had I never come here. Just feels like I’m trying to stay busy sometimes.

I think the weirdest thing about not having anyone to share it with is just the fact that I have the opportunity to see so much of the beauty that’s in the world, and trying to share what that’s like after the fact just makes you that guy with the boring travel story that nobody wants to hear.

Having someone to share it with adds a level of meaning to it that simple words don’t really describe. In my mind, a tame walk in the park with my ex carries more significance than the mountain I climbed last weekend solo. It sucks, but some days it feels like the only meaning our lives have is the meaning we give it.



Whenever I find a good song /tv/movie and don’t have a partner to watch/share with.



Pretty much same experience here. Got cheated by my wife of 14 years 3 years ago. The pain was unbearable. Divorced and never dated or interested in anyone.

And tell you what, that something that you yearn is being in love and a companion Just about 3 months ago, some friends invited me for a small birthday dinner. And there I met her, my high school friend but rarely get along with us all these years. Someone who I never thought about, who I haven’t met for more than a decade.

And guess what, she was single all these years. I mean I didn’t have any plan to seeing anyone before. I refuse some friends effort to matchmaking me with their lady friends. I just don’t want to be in a relationship again because of the traumatizing experience and the freedom I’ve had all these time after I moved on.

But I was struck again finally. Feel like a teenager again but godamnit if I say I didn’t enjoy the feeling.

Long story short, we’re dating now and plan to go to the next step next year. We’re both in our 40’s so no more wasting time too much And that something you talked about is fulfilled. It’s really amazing being in love, and commit yourself to someone again

Open up yourself, socialize more, and one day when you finally meet that someone and got struck, trust me … you’ll feel like a new person again

Best of luck, buddy