Super Creepy Guy Texts The Wrong Number And It Doesn’t End Well

When you're trying to shoot your shot via text message, it's pretty safe to say you should make sure that you're texting the right person.
As a woman, I can safely say that when a guy has asked for my number and I really don't want them to have it, I've given them the wrong number (sorry). But, can you blame me? When I tell men I don't want to give out my number, or I'm in a relationship, they often times take the “no” as instructions to “try harder” to get my number. So, maybe I'm not that sorry that I give out fake numbers. I am, however, sorry to whoever's number I am giving out at the time–because, you never know what these creepers are going to try and send. One Reddit user was on the unfortunate end of a “wrong number exchange,” and, it didn't go as planned.

Th3GreenMan56 got a random text from “Brandon,” who was trying to text a girl from his ECON class. He claimed that Shannon gave him the number.


Despite the warnings Brandon received, he proceeded to do the unthinkable–text an unsolicited d*ck pic to a stranger.


Seeing as the Reddit user warned him, he could have guessed things would end poorly.


Kudos to the Reddit user for having an impeccable sense of humor to even go along with this madness. People on Reddit could not stop cackling.

Life lesson here: don't text people your d*ck when they don't ask you to. Also, when someone tells you that you have the wrong number, believe them.