20+ Tattoos People Got While They Were Drunk As A Skunk

Everyone knows the deal when it comes to tattoos and alcohol–you should never combine the two. When we’re drunk, we’re not thinking clearly.
It’s obviously not a great time to brand something permanent on your body forever. But, us humans are not super smart all of the time, and instead, we decide there’s no better time to get ink than when we’re a few shots deep. BuzzFeed asked their users to send in their embarrassing drunk tattoos and boy did they deliver.


When I was 21 I lived at the beach for 6 months with 16 roommates I didn’t know… one day my one roommate (the one I actually shared a room with) got a little drunk and asked twitter where we should get tattoos. A lot of people answered your asses and well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. So we got a little more drunk and had our other roommates drive us to a place. I like to think I’m a naturally funny person and so was my roommate, so we had a theme going- lost and found things. So I got where’s Waldo because people have literally been searching for him forever (surprise! He’s on my right ass cheek!) and she ended up getting finding Nemo. Tbh I thought it would be smaller, I told him to keep it my tan lines lol oh well it’s something to tell the kids!



This Was Supposed To Be The Lowrider Guy… But Now A Days, It Either Looks Like A Frowny Face With Sunglasses & A Hat Or My Father-in Law… LOL



LIVE LYFE Spelt With A “Y” Cuz I thought it would be Cool & Different… First Tattoo…



Tic Tac Toe anyone?



When you’re 17 and you think whiskey and vodka is gonna be a great addition to your night and you let your friends dad, a man with one good eye and one glass eye and one leg, tattoo what you thought was going to be an awesome rabbit smoking a blunt on your shoulder…. I’ve never been one for making the best decisions



I paid $20 for this masterpiece. It’s legitimately one of my favorites just because it’s so ridiculous.



It’s from a rugby song and is about chugging your beer. What a surprise to find on my arm the next morning!



Bobby Hill.



My best friend and I were drunk I and got #yolo on our asses. It’s actually kind of touching. She just had beaten cancer (ovarian, hence the teal). While she had cancer we always said “yolo” to one another a little jokingly about making the choices we really wanted to make because you only live once. We got the hashtag in front because we wanted it to be a truly bad tattoo. (Don’t mind the dry skin and underwear marks. It’s cold out and I’ve been sitting on my butt for three hours.)



This maple leaf, on my right ass cheek, got this done after a drunken night at a horror movie convention in which i made a deal with a group of canadians to get said tattoo for a gallon of fresh maple syrup. I never break a promise, even if it was a drunk one, plus i mean, a gallon of fresh maple syrup?? Why wouldnt you do it? A friend of mine at the same convention got the same tattoo in the same place, she passed away this year from cancer so its something I’ll never get covered.



After one too many Sunday brunch mimosas, me and my best friend decided to get matching avocado tattoos. We played rock, paper, scissors to see who got the seed.